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The Little Inner No


Thanks to a long quote I was sent earlier today, I was pondering the little inner no’s.  They sound something like this:

I’m tired.
I wish it would rain.
I wish it would stop raining.
This can’t be happening.
It shouldn’t be happening.
I have to fix this, shift it, transmute it, etc.
I should have known better.
I should have done better.
I could have done better.

I have observed myself this morning in a litany of little inner no’s, so subtle if I wasn’t observing, it would have slipped past unnoticed.  Now to notice the little inner no, without judging it, because this, too, is a little inner no.

I don’t seem to notice anywhere in nature where a “not this” or a little inner no is expressed.  I’ll take that as a “yes”; I’m on the path I was meant to be on, wherever it may lead.

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