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Could there be a more powerful question?!  What would love do?

Those who read regularly know I make my own “well being cards”.  I usually take different colored index cards and use brightly colored inks to write inspiring quotes.  One of my favorites, inspired by A Course in Miracles, is – what would innocence do?  But frankly – what would love do? – feels even more powerful.

I recently had a situation where a contract cancellation has had a huge impact on my life, and I shot off a couple of emails in response to this.  I kept it pretty much to just the facts of how this cancellation had a personal effect on things.  But, you know, there was still some finger pointing blame in it.  That’s not my style and it’s bugged me ever since I wrote that last email.

I asked myself – what would love do?  Love would speak the truth of those emails, I was feeling the victim of circumstances and wanting to blame someone and I apologize.  The flip side of victim is always victimizer.  It may have been subtle, but I was a victim, victimizing with my finger wagging.  Basically underlying it all, was a “shame on you”.   Perhaps I felt even more justified that I was writing to a government agency.  Yet, there are real people with hearts in those agencies, just as there is everywhere.

When I bring love to the table of my life, it stands apart from feeling out of control and the actions that flow out of feeling loss of control.   It provides ample space to bring true compassion to every situation.  And speaking of tables, as we approach Thanksgiving, let me remember that love is Spirit’s nourishment.  I would love to place a dish at the Thanksgiving table with just love in it.  Any one care for a spoonful of loving?!

My deep gratitude today to Laurie C. P., for sharing a promo for the documentary “May I Be Frank”, which inspired this post and touched me deeply today.

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