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A friend of mine, Holly, beautiful, brilliant Holly, said something today that provided a 180 turnaround on just about every subject known to man.  If it’s the only well being card I ever carry in my heart, this would so be it!

It was very simply a statement of gratitude to the Universe or whatever your beliefs:

“Thank you for making my life interesting.”

My heart just sang out with a solid YES, when I first read that from her.  I so know this to be true.  I so know I came here for the variety, for the diversity of choices.  I so know I came here to experience it all.  I have told many a friend I know that before I dropped on over to planet earth, I stood on the non-physical line of what I wanted in this lifetime.  It wasn’t the line that said good looks and brains.  It wasn’t the line for curly hair and a good sense of humor.  It was the line for – give me what you’ve got; I’ll take it all.  The implication being that I’m going for the pure adventure of a lifetime.  No, not the bungee jumping or climbing Mount Everest kind.  The type that stretches my personal and spiritual development.

When I read Rilke’s “flare up like flame and make big shadows God can move in … let everything happen to you beauty and terror”, this is what I resonated with so completely.

A trip to the lawyer tomorrow which had been a previous source of angst now becomes, I get to go to the lawyer, I get to fight for the rights of someone I dearly love.  Thank you for making my life interesting!  I can take that and apply it to any subject I feel resistance on.  Any subject I feel – oh no, anything but hell no, not that.  Any subject I judge as bad or wrong and flip it on its back to reveal what I’ve always known to be true.

Hell yes, thank you for making my life so interesting!

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You may have heard out here in the Pacific Northwest we got whacked by a snow and ice storm last month, not something we are used to nor prepared for.  Many, many trees went down including that gorgeous one you see above in its finer days.


It’s a Catalpa and it used to stand in our neighborhood.  I admired it for a few years before I got up the courage to knock on my neighbor’s door and ask them if they knew what it was, and they did indeed.  It was as if I’d unlocked a treasure once I knew its name and then I loved it even more, as if a secret intimacy was between us, now that I knew who she was.


And now she’s gone because anybody with a chain saw and enough brain cells to operate said chain saw is just chopping away at trees.  I miss her so much!  I was, in Abraham’s words, really pinching myself off just thinking about her every time I drove by the empty void of her stump left behind.


And then I remembered, I could focus on the millions of trees that did survive.  And in my focusing I know that I’ll find the weeping sequoias that are still standing, the ancient, larger than life, monkey puzzle trees and so much more.  I could focus on one tree being gone or I could focus on millions more still here and so many more to come.


And wait, is this not how life is?  I could focus on the one thing that has my panties in a wad, the one thing that seems so out of reach and so key to my well being OR I could set my spotlight on the multitude of things that make my heart sing.  Knowing that — why would I choose to focus anywhere else?  Well, it’s got my attention and it’s sad and I don’t like it and that Catalpa tree deserves an ode of appreciation to it.  Yes, every day I passed by you my heart sang out to you.


And now you’re gone, but I’m here and so are all of you and so much beauty still abounds in this world.  I could weep every moment for the fullness and bounty of it all.


Home is where my well-being lies and ultimately the heart of me but if I’ve got my sights pointed on the unwanted, I am far from home.


And here’s the part I just can’t resist and mean it from the bottom of my heart:

Oh, Auntie Em, there IS no place like home.


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Could there be a more powerful question?!  What would love do?

Those who read regularly know I make my own “well being cards”.  I usually take different colored index cards and use brightly colored inks to write inspiring quotes.  One of my favorites, inspired by A Course in Miracles, is – what would innocence do?  But frankly – what would love do? – feels even more powerful.

I recently had a situation where a contract cancellation has had a huge impact on my life, and I shot off a couple of emails in response to this.  I kept it pretty much to just the facts of how this cancellation had a personal effect on things.  But, you know, there was still some finger pointing blame in it.  That’s not my style and it’s bugged me ever since I wrote that last email.

I asked myself – what would love do?  Love would speak the truth of those emails, I was feeling the victim of circumstances and wanting to blame someone and I apologize.  The flip side of victim is always victimizer.  It may have been subtle, but I was a victim, victimizing with my finger wagging.  Basically underlying it all, was a “shame on you”.   Perhaps I felt even more justified that I was writing to a government agency.  Yet, there are real people with hearts in those agencies, just as there is everywhere.

When I bring love to the table of my life, it stands apart from feeling out of control and the actions that flow out of feeling loss of control.   It provides ample space to bring true compassion to every situation.  And speaking of tables, as we approach Thanksgiving, let me remember that love is Spirit’s nourishment.  I would love to place a dish at the Thanksgiving table with just love in it.  Any one care for a spoonful of loving?!

My deep gratitude today to Laurie C. P., for sharing a promo for the documentary “May I Be Frank”, which inspired this post and touched me deeply today.

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You didn’t come forth because you wanted guarantees.  And you knew you would ‘land on your feet beautifully’ because you knew the Divine that is back of every thing.  And you didn’t come forth to have some one dimensional point A to point B experience.  You came forth for the multi-layered adventure of it all, because you knew the Joy was in that moment-to-moment Creation, the hands in the clay, paint on the canvas experience that only you can have.

I wrote the above a few years year ago.  I think it ties in nicely with something I heard the other day: the gods rarely draw in straight lines.  And it also fits well with my other blog post entitled: Who Knows What’s Good What’s Bad.  Given that I have all of this understanding, at this point, you’d think I would be so going with the flow, just be-bopping along.  No more panty wad twisting for this girl.  But no, that would be way too easy :).

Yet here’s the thing – I am getting a sense of this other part of me who witnesses the drama, witnesses my reactions and is unaffected by it.  This observer me seems to have a perspective much like the long lens of a camera.  It sees the bigger picture that in the heat of the moment I cannot.  It senses an unfolding beyond this moment.  It rests in a knowing that all really is well and that all my endings are happy endings.  She has always been there.  The difference today, is that when she quietly beckons me, I begin to hear her now.  She has gone ahead and prepared the way for me.  I only need to take a moment, breathe and remember.

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I wrote this a year ago and as the new year approaches, its timeless wisdom bears repeating.  I wish I would have had this post handy when I went through a life altering event this year.  That one question: am I giving myself to a conclusion that is set against my true desire?, is golden.  I’ll let you all read on, and allow the context of it all take shape…

It’s a fresh new year stretching before us.  I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions.  I began thinking about something else though and it’s timing just seems perfect for the new year.  All the little things that come up that get under our skin, bug us or in one way or another seem to draw us out of what felt like blissful alignment — to all of that — to simply stop and ask yourself this simple question:

Will it matter in a year from now?

I’m thinking just about 99.9% of everything you can resolutely say “no, it won’t matter in a year from now”.  Once you’ve determined that, you can drop it and just let it go.  Let it return to its “native nothingness”, as Florence Scovel Shinn once wrote, as it means nothing unless you assign it meaning.  It, whatever *it* is, is relatively meaningless and not worth your attention and certainly not worth your alignment.  When you get down to it, if you are willing to suffer less and be in alignment more then less and less is there any configuration of outer facts or conditions that can draw you out of alignment.  The more you step outside of your own suffering, step outside of the dream you are dreaming, the greater capacity you have to repeatedly step outside your own dream.

As for the other .1% or so that will matter a year from now, you won’t feel the same about it a year from now as you do today, as long as you are willing to suspend any judgment about what it means.  This means you don’t give yourself to conclusions that are at odds with what you really want.   You can check yourself at any time you’re feeling something unwanted by asking: am I giving myself to a conclusion that is set against my true desire?  This fosters a self rapport and an inner harmony that will carry you through even the toughest times in life.

Come to life with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to let a wisdom greater than your own work through you.  It does so both visibly and invisibly every day.  Today is no exception, this year is no exception.  Solutions, answers, miracles happen in an instant and it all flows to us with ease when we let it. The “letting” is the key.

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Stumbled on this in my archives.  I wrote this several months ago and I think it’s sage wisdom any time of the year …

What if we believed all things were unfolding for our good — not just some of our experiences but ALL of them?  Well, what if we did?  That would eliminate all anxiety, fear and worry.  It would essentially rid us of all suffering.  But it would require something of us, we’d have to suspend all conclusions that are set against our desires.  We’d cease inserting a period into any experience, as my friend Wenda would say.  We’d remember that life is in perpetual expansion and because of this the nature of all things is continually unfolding.  We know this to be true, now couple that with believing that everything that happens – happens for our highest good.  Imagine for just a moment what that would feel like.  Do you feel the peace, the ease and the profound relief wash over you as you rest in that knowing?

in a world where we can choose to adopt any belief we want to, why not choose the ones that work for us and with us.  Everything about this vast Universe moves with grace and benevolence.  The whole of nature moves towards balance and well being.  This is proof that all that does unfold is for the well being of everything.  Knowing this, there are no longer any reasons to suffer over anything.  Next time, should you find yourself beginning down the trail of suffering, take pause to remind yourself, everything unfolds for your greater good.  You may not see the bigger picture in this red hot moment but you can trust the truth of this knowing — everything unfolds for my good — and rest there.   No longer will you walk through darkness.  The belief that everything unfolds for your good will illuminate all your paths and prove itself true for you again and again, if you just let it.

Should we suffer needlessly again, it is because we’ve reached a conclusion that counts against everything unfolding for the good.  We’ve inserted a period into that experience —- forgetting momentarily how life is in constant flow.  We can re-join that flow right now.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath and sink into knowing that all things are unfolding for your good.  Stay there long enough to feel how it feels in your body and before you open your eyes remember you can take this feeling with you wherever you go.  Know that you need not suffer a moment longer as long as you choose to know with every fiber of your being that everything, absolutely everything is unfolding for your good.  Let that be the gift you give yourself this season.   It truly will demonstrate itself to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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what if all our paths are the right path

what if there is no wrong path ever

what if the only thing that held us back from knowing this,
is a conclusion that it’s a bad unfolding, it’s not good, it’s wrong

what if we took a deep conscious breath up from our
toes through our legs and spine and up to the tippy top
of our head

and exhaled onto the shores of this Divine Knowing:

All our paths are the right path.

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“Pain Is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional.”  (Zen Aphorism)

It’s a very famous quote that I’ve heard many, many times but only recently began to get a sense of what I think it really means.  Life happens, stuff happens — this is inevitable and responding with pure, genuine, heart felt pain is what is natural.  Or said another way, it is letting your heart break open with love.

But what is suffering?  I think suffering is letting your heart close down in judgement — judgement either of one’s self, another or a situation, whatever that may be.  Suffering includes regrets, all forms of “if only’s” and “I should have’s”.  It also includes believing that there is something wrong that you have done or something intrinsically wrong with you or another.  Blame of anything or anyone leads to suffering.  Negative out-picturing of events, past, present and future also cause suffering.  An idea that says life can never be the same without a person, a situation, or a condition being met, will certainly lead you on a path to suffering.  If we do the simple math, it often looks like: this happened + I judge it to mean this painful thing = I now suffer.

Any time you are in pain that has led to suffering you can be certain it includes some type of discrimination.  I call it discrimination because it selectively screens out what is truth in favor of a perception that separates you from believing in yourself or others and ultimately from believing in Life’s tendency to flow towards well being, balance, order, benevolence and grace.  As long as we are willing to settle for conclusions and judgements that separate us from all that Life willingly and daily offers up to us, we will suffer.

Where’s the way out?  When suffering, ask yourself what are you believing about yourself, another or the situation right now.  Now ask yourself if you unequivocally know that whatever it is you are believing, is absolutely true.  There is very little, if anything, to which you can honestly respond with a yes.  Now, are you willing to suspend what you’ve been believing?  You see, wanting to be on the other side of suffering is a beginning and wanting to be in self friendly relationship with yourself is a must.  Yet wanting won’t be enough, it requires your willingness to live in harmony with yourself.  And sometimes that willingness comes a bit at a time but come it will for one who is ready to walk in harmony with his or herself.

Want the world to be a peaceful, harmonious place, a world filled with love and loving people, want it to be a world without discrimination?  It all starts at home with a willingness to walk the inner walk of living in friendship with ourselves one step, one day at a time.

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The greatest trick and most subtle secret to doing anything really, really well, is loving that you get to do it at all. And I’m pleased to say, you get to – The Universe

I am loving this quote that popped up in my inbox this morning from none other than the Universe at www.tut.com

Next time you are feeling that you “have to” do anything, what about shifting it to “I get to…”  I have to feels so much like bondage and I get to feels so welcoming and expansive.  It’s embracing the moment over opposing it.

If you can’t come by “I get to…” wholeheartedly then look beyond what drives the activity.  What are the benefits it provides for you?  Even the most commonplace humdrum activity can become something wonderful when viewed with a heart that says: I get to.

As always, both the hands that bind us and the hands that free us, are really our own.  Thanks for that lovely reminder today from the brilliance of Mike Dooley, the genius behind TUT.

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“LOVE is essentially self-communicative: those who do not have it catch it from those who have it….”
~Meher Baba*

Some may have heard of the other kind of flu but word on the streets is that there is another kind of flu which is highly contagious, spreading wildly, reaching epidemic proportions worldwide and with no known cure.  It’s the Love Flu Virus Epidemic.

Here’s what you need to know about it:

Incubation Period: Unknown, sudden onset.

Duration:  Never ending.

Symptoms: increased respirations, increased heart rate, occasional benign palpitations, satiated with the fullness of who you are leading to decreased appetite, given to smiling spontaneously, flushed cheeks due to a radiant glow about you, frequent and prolonged bouts of an overwhelming sense of well being.

Treatment: Shower yourself and others with love liberally.  Avoid hand washing, showering with a friend is optional.

Prognosis: Incurable.  Once exposed to love, you take it with you wherever you go forevermore.  And you are inexplicably compelled to pass it on.

*props to my friend Mj for the quote

postscript: As Patrick Swayze’s character said in Ghost just before he returned to the non-physical realm, “it’s amazing…the love inside, you take it with you”.  I feel your intrinsic love shining through dear Mr. Swayze, may your fans and loved ones know this, too.

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