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The greatest trick and most subtle secret to doing anything really, really well, is loving that you get to do it at all. And I’m pleased to say, you get to – The Universe

I am loving this quote that popped up in my inbox this morning from none other than the Universe at www.tut.com

Next time you are feeling that you “have to” do anything, what about shifting it to “I get to…”  I have to feels so much like bondage and I get to feels so welcoming and expansive.  It’s embracing the moment over opposing it.

If you can’t come by “I get to…” wholeheartedly then look beyond what drives the activity.  What are the benefits it provides for you?  Even the most commonplace humdrum activity can become something wonderful when viewed with a heart that says: I get to.

As always, both the hands that bind us and the hands that free us, are really our own.  Thanks for that lovely reminder today from the brilliance of Mike Dooley, the genius behind TUT.

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