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I have shared a few of my daily blessings from Facebook here.  This one from a few days ago, surprisingly seemed to resonate with several people.  It is part of an ongoing evolution of a process I started with “Letting Myself Have”.

Blessings Day 275: I wanted to memorize one of Marianne Williamson’s prayers from “Illuminata” but couldn’t, so instead I silently say “thank you, God” many times a day. I started at first to say it when things were all groovy in my world, but now I do the opposite.

A weird thing happens when I affirm my thanks to God, crappy feelings stop their talk while they listen to my little prayer of thanks.

I am afraid of doing “x” on Saturday – thank you God.

So I make up a story why I can’t do “x”; I don’t cop to the truth – thank you God.

I don’t listen to my own advice – thank you, God.

I judge myself – thank you, God.

I judge others – thank you, God.

I had a shitty night’s sleep – thank you, God.

I’m here in the flesh, I’m feeling, I have choices, I’m alive, I’m loved and by some perhaps I’m even appalling and hated, thank you God.

I’m breathing with the warm body of my being, I’m still open —


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