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“The basic difference between 5 sensory people and 6 sensory people, is that 5 sensory people follow ego based law — which can be summarized quite simply as me against you, and you scare me. And so we put up our barriers, we operate from fear. 6 sensory people on the other hand, don’t operate from ego based law, we operate from spiritual law. We realize we are spiritual people; we don’t look *at* life, we *feel into* it.

6 sensory people say: me and you, how are we alike? And because the Universe, at all times, is perfectly organized energetically: why are we together? and, what are we here to learn from each other and what can we create?”

The above is a quote from Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette. I know we’re not all perfectly aligned spiritually at all times; there are occasions when our defenses rear up in relationship to others. However, what if we stopped and just observed those defenses as present within ourselves, and then asked:

“How are we alike?

Why are we together?

What are we here to learn from each other?”

I just had a meeting with someone that I had a little trepidation over, my guard was up a bit. I noticed it and then breathed into those questions. Just asking the first question — how are we alike? — dropped the guard and my heart opened.

The moment I have a guard up, I am at war with life. The moment I drop that guard I resume a friendly relationship with life. When I’m in a friendly rapport with life, all sorts of things happen to surprise and delight me.

This is just a really easy way to be with me and you and three simple questions. I notice as soon as I say me and other people, or me and everyone else, or me and them, I have already begun to separate myself. So, I like ‘me and you’; we *are* in this together. I want to practice inquiring about that at all times, especially when those little buggers get stuck in my craw.

If you’re in my experience, you’re there for a reason. May I see our likenesses above all else, and remain curiously open to what we have to teach each other.

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Ever wonder where the repository is for all these things we are advised to “let go” of?  Is it in some remote location where the other half of long lost socks and gloves go?  I don’t know but I have pondered how it is that we actually do “let go” short of changing the subject — so I’ve come up with a process of sorts.

I encountered a meditation at the end of Sonia Choquette’s audio book, “Trust Your Vibes”.  There’s an instruction in it to let the part of you that calls itself “I” to move out of your right eye.  This would be the locally focused “I”.

I decided to adapt this and use it for all fears, judgments, perceptions, beliefs, any thoughts that are not in harmony with my highest good.  When a thought like this is felt, stop and release it, let it go, through the right eye.  My friend Ahmee suggested adding the words — “not real” as she releases it.  Another idea is to say — I release you and return you back to your “native nothingness”.  Native nothingness is a phrase used by Florence Scovel Shinn.  Saying “not real” is equivalent to I release you and return you back to your native nothingness, the latter is a little more disruptive of the dissonant thought.  I think anything that disrupts and disturbs a pattern, can help change it.

There’s also a grounding exercise that Sonia uses with one hand on the heart and one hand on the belly.  I decided to adapt this too with a small meditation that can be done at any time of the day, as many times as you would like to use it.  Right now I like to begin my day with this and then sprinkle it throughout the day.  It is one hand on heart and one hand on solar plexus or the upper part of your belly.  Take four slow, deep conscious breaths with the solar plexus expanding on the inhale and collapsing on the exhale while mentally repeating the words: allow Spirit to flow freely through me today.  Allow me to have thoughts that support my highest good today.  Add anything you feel called to say in this short meditation.

This breathing exercise of four conscious breaths, as instructed above, can be used at any time of the day without the hand on the heart, etc.  Feel yourself tightening up in the middle of a meeting, or in traffic, or at any time, stop and do those four, slow, full conscious breaths.  This will pull your awareness away from what isn’t serving you and summon a new and refreshing energy.

That’s it for today, just a few tips to help us all recall our way back to home base.  I’m attending a retreat in a few days based on Chinese face reading.  This is put on by Jean Haner, author of the Wisdom Of Your Face.  I would love to come back with more ideas to share with everyone.

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Apparently all that deep inner work happened rather quickly.  It is within hours of my last blog post, Feel the Fear, that I updated a group of Internet gal pals on my progress.  I’ll quote that directly below and then add to it.

“Dawn came to Bethie today.  First it started with it’s ok to feel the fear.  Or insert whatever emotion in that.  Next it was waves of nausea.  I pushed against it, until dawn came to Bethie and I said it’s ok to throw up and every time a wave came I rode the wave and just kept saying it’s ok to throw up.  Now the next dawn that came to me: it’s ok to have nightmares.  It never was ok to have them.  Never have I embraced them.  Tonight when I lay my head down on that pillow, I’ll say it again — it’s ok to have nightmares.  That’s it, see non-physical is popping the cork even now, I feel it in my goosebumps.  They are jumping up and down yelling yippee, she gets it, she gets it.  SHE GETS IT.  Embrace it all, love it all, don’t push, hide, stuff any of it.  Let it be in the wide open spaces, just let it be.  She gets it!! Hallelujah!”

Oh yes, did I mention I get nightmares?  No, probably not.  I was hiding them.  Nope, no more.  I’d even go so far as to say I get to have nightmares now.  No more pushing anything away.  In the nightmares I replay allowing others to usurp my personal authority.  It’s something I unwittingly gave others permission to do in “real” life, too.

Do you remember that game we used to play as kids — Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose.  Well, it’s as if I’ve been playing a version of it — Wanted, Wanted, Wanted, Unwanted …. woops, unwanted get up and run, flee from it!  Nothing, including allowing others to usurp my personal authority can be healed as long as I’m fleeing from it.

Well guess what happens when you don’t get up and flee from it, you find out its not the big scary monster in the closet you thought it was after all.  There might even be a treasure or two tucked in the hairy hand of the once scary monster — learning that fleeing from anything is the very same thing as usurping my OWN personal authority.

One little phrase: It’s OK to feel _______, it’s OK to have _______, it’s OK to say no to________, it’s OK to cry.  It’s OK, it’s OK, all of it was always OK.  I was just dreaming a dream, that it wasn’t OK.  That darkened tunnel I just walked through was surrounded in the Light the whole time.

I remember this is exactly what I wrote about weeks ago.  I met a British gal named Lori at a conference.  When she spoke of the possibility of cancer and the accompanying fear she felt, she said to herself — clearly, I want to have this experience.

Well, clearly I had to come to this conclusion on my own and with my own experience and language for it.  Now it’s like writing myself a free and clear permission slip to have it all.  It’s how I’ll step out into the world now, sampling the full smorgasbord of life.  My channels wide open and set to receive.  It’s all good, it’s all God.  I am God in expression.  I am pure love.  I see me!  I do, I really do.  And I do see you, too.  Namaste, Jaibhagwan and Aloha.

I leave you with a short quote from A Course in Miracles and one more comment after that:

“Look not upon the little wall of shadows.  The sun has risen over it.  How can a shadow keep you from the sun?  No more can you be kept by shadows from the light in which illusions end.  Every miracle is but the end of an illusion.  Such was the journey, such its ending.  And in the goal of truth which you accepted must all illusions end.

There is a hush in Heaven, a happy expectancy, a little pause of gladness in acknowledgment of the journey’s end.”

And following the hush in non-physical, comes a round of applause, the cork popping and the champagne flowing, glasses clinking in toasts and the happy dance that looks like the minuet, or the Charleston, or the Watusi, or the Bump — just depends what century or decade you last visited.  I kind of like the Bump myself.  Happy days, happy trails, and a happy, happy journey to us all.

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I’m listening to Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibe.  This is really my first exposure to Sonia Choquette’s work and I must say I love her.  I love her energy, I love her vibe, her soft friendly voice and her talent as a teacher.

As it also happens, I’m doing some deep inner work this week.  Plunging the depths of unknown inner territory and it’s scaring the heck out of me.  So I’m listening to Sonia Choquette and here’s what she says about fear:

“It isn’t fear that paralyzes you.  It’s hiding fear that paralyzes you.  Here’s my experience: it takes so much effort to hide fear that you really do get frozen in your tracks. …  Feel your fear and go with your vibration anyway.  Simply saying: I’m afraid. … Feel your fear, make peace with your fear, good grief never try to get over it.  Just say I’m afraid and I’m OK with that.  Once you express that energy it’s like getting the boulder out of the road.  It is such a relief not to hide that.  The impetus to move forward becomes so great that in spite of your fears you find yourself moving in the right direction, taking the risk, doing the right thing.”

Ok, so I’m here to say it out loud to lord knows how many people: I’m afraid and I’m not going to hide and I’m not going to let that fear stand in the way either.

This girl has no room in her hotel for anything less-ness.  All my interior rooms shall be filled with the golden sun of pure love streaming through to reveal all my much-ness.  And jabberwocky of fear, I shall not slay you after all, we shall be friends and walk through this together.

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