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I went to see Karate Kid yesterday.  It’s not the usual genre of movies that I am attracted to but I did enjoy it.  Yes, it is a tad bit predictable, even so I cried and cheered as I often do for the “underdog”.  The movie has many themes: strength, stillness, focus, discipline, attitude, and respect yet it was the backdrop of Eastern spiritualism that caught my attention the most.  Here are three ideas from the movie that I wanted to expound on:

1)  You see with your eyes you are easy to fool.  Don’t see it, feel it.

Yes, “feel it” this is the sixth sense, also known as intuition, gut instinct.  It means moving from a deeper sense of who we are, not limited by the five senses but expanded through our knowing that we are connected to something greater, something on the side of goodness and beauty, something both wonderful and mysterious.  Through Spirit, daily we are moved upon.  Only when I forget, when I think I have to tough it out all on my own, do I suffer and separate myself from all that is good, beautiful and working on my behalf every moment of every day.

2)  Kung Fu lives in how we treat people.

I love this and I would add that it’s also in how we treat ourselves.  Are we friendly to ourselves, do we respect ourselves, do we honor ourselves, our truth, our needs?  Is our inner world a friendly one, a peaceful one?  As within, so without.

3)  When life knocks you down, you can choose to get up again.

I might say it a little differently — there is what happens in life and then there is who we are when the stuff of life comes knocking at our door.  Who are we when we answer that door?  Who are we when life throws us a ball out of left field?  Who do we want to be then?

This is who I want to be — one who remembers nos. 1 and 2 of her 30 Day Challenge.  Whatever it is, let me greet it with an open heart, allow me to remember I am right where I am supposed to be.  Let me know from deep inside where it counts, that the Universe has my back always, no matter what.  Grant that I be ever mindful of a Universe that sometimes turns left to go right.  Who knows what is in store for me when I am willing to suspend judgment that something bad is happening.  Allow me to trust in a Universe that is continually expanding and unfolding.  Grant that I remember no fact, no circumstance has the power to compel me to hand over my personal Well Being.

If life should knock me down, grant that I remember I am held and supported by something much greater than mere circumstances.  Let me know, as I walk into what may sometimes feel like the void of the unknown that I never, ever walk alone.

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