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Have you ever had this experience: you are having a reasonably good day, and then seemingly out of the blue comes some big fear thought?  You meet that, it dissipates and next thing you know another fear gets lobbed over the net.  It’s foul and you know it, but you hit the ball and engage with it anyway!

So many teachers speak of just being with fear, not judging it, pushing it away, or denying it.  Well, I am a thinker and a doer, so I like to know how is it that we can be with fear in a self-friendly manner.  And, I am always discovering and inventing new ways to live in self-rapport.  This blog is a treasure trove of tips for these things.  Here’s my latest:

I have recently been using this statement – fear is in the mind, when a fear thought shows up.  Sometimes I’ll have a thought, my left brain kicks in and wants to know is this a fear thought or something else?  I crack myself up sometimes!  But it’s always a fear thought, if it separates you from the fullness of who you are meant to be!  Strip it down to its lowest common denominator and all judgment, worry, anxiety, depression, etc. is fear talking.

Being with fear and identifying it as simply “fear is in the mind”, is that compassionate awareness that isn’t immersed, and under the spell of fear, nor is it pushing it away.

A couple of weeks ago I read the world news reports and felt it very discomforting, so much unrest, so much violence.  Then I remembered again – fear is in the mind, fear is in the world too.  I can’t fix it, or make it better, but I can bring that compassionate awareness to me and everyone else.  That being with is the way out of fear, but it has to be genuine and wholehearted.

We all feel fear, it’s encoded in our survival instincts.  Some fears don’t seem to make sense, some do.  Some fears don’t even seem to be our own, maybe they are the fears we picked up from someone else.  We get it, fear just is. Why not find a compassionate way to be with that fear.

And now unencumbered by the need to do something about fear, new vistas open up revealing wide open fields, ours for the joy of living and the loving.

So that’s my new tool, it’s been working for me.  If any of you try it, I would love to hear your experience of it.

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