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Haiku Sequoia

I went to a Haiku poetry workshop today and tried my hand
at a couple of haiku poems.  Classic haiku is a very simple,
yet restrained format of 17 syllables total and often broken
into 3 lines.  The first line containing 5 syllables, followed
by 7, ending with 5 again.

This little poem below is to honor Kubota Japanese Gardens
in Seattle.  There, you will find many types of trees and many
weeping varieties that are not commonly seen elsewhere.
I include a picture of the majestic weeping sequoia so you
can get a visual sense of it.

weeping sequoia
lace green curtain hangs
doorway to earth’s soul

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Well friends it’s that time of year.  I live outside of Seattle.  I used to joke and say that we perpetuated a rumor that it rains here all the time, just to keep people from moving here.  As if.  It’s that time of year when I bring out a little piece I wrote to inspire myself for those long dark days of winter because truly living here, tree and nature lover that I am, is the next best thing to heaven.

1.    Ditch the umbrella, save that for states that get torrential
downpours, it ain’t happenin’ here.

2.    When the sun breaks happen, groove on out the door.

3.    Get yourself a hooded rain jacket and take a stroll in the

4.    And when the trees turn all their colors, remember why you love
it here.

5.    And when the rest of the country is too hot or too cold,
remember why you love it here.

6.    and when the trees have lost all their leaves, and still half of
them are green, remember why you love it here.

7.    And when the families of deer come to munch and crunch on your
backyard berries, remember why you love it here.

8.    And when the families of raccoons, all 7 of them, come to play
in your backyard, remember why you love it here.

9.    and when you round the bend to see Mt. Rainier in all her glory,
remember why you love it here.

10.    And when you sip Chardonnay, in your outdoor hot tub built
among the tall cedars & firs and you turn off the jets just to hear the sounds
of soft rain, remember why you love it here.

I remember now.

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