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The nature of *all* things is continually unfolding.

Remember that, Bethie?

Ah, I had a moment where I forgot, but now I am getting into the flow of
remembering that.  I tried to sneak in a period at the end of that experience.
Ha! but I know too much now. And as I recall the eternally unfolding nature
of all things, I also am reminded that Absolute Grace threads both visibly
and invisibly throughout all of my days.  Oh yes, now I remember there is
*no* time off from Grace at work in my life.  And there is *nothing* I need
to do to orchestrate that.  How cool is that?  These are the gifts this
benevolent Universe offers up to me each day.  Grace is breathing me right
now, right this moment.  Grace is ceaselessly at work on my behalf and the
entire Universe’s.

Always.  All-ways.

I don’t have anything else to do today except to acknowledge all my gifts.
So many gifts!

Wow, when I look at it that way, I don’t even remember what
the heck that panty wad twisting was all about! :)

Love, Bethie

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A new Abraham quotes yahoogroup has been started by a couple of mavericks.
(All Joe six packs can now take a drink.)  :)  If you would like to join their group
you can sign up at AbeHicksQuotes@yahoogroups.com

Apparently, the mavericks were not happy with the limits of the old group, so
they banned together to start a new one.  I think I am quite liking this new one.
Now for all you Joe six packs that was two mavericks=two drinks.  Ok, all political
humour aside, here is an Abraham Hicks quote.  Sorry I don’t have a date or
workshop reference, that’s really the last thing on a maverick’s mind.  (That’s 3
drinks – but who is counting!)  If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about,
watch the SNL version of the Palin/Biden debate on the web.

Now without further adieu, finally, the Abraham quote:

“You are never, ever, ever alone. You are always embraced. You are
always understood. You are always adored. You are always cared for and
well-being is always pre-paved before you.

In other words, you do live in an environment of absolute grace. And
the more you practice thoughts of that and watch for evidence of that
and speak it, you beat the drum of it whenever you see it.”

I love those words: absolute grace.  I want to spend time being really mindful
today of just how much I/we live in a state of absolute grace.  How much we
are cared for, how much well being is our natural state, how much this Universe
is rigged in our favor, how we live under the umbrella of a benevolent Universe.

Today the place I choose to embrace as my home is the state of Absolute Grace.
I walk in Absolute Grace and Absolute Grace walks with me.

Love, Bethie

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Yesterday I visited Whackville.  It’s an interesting place to visit but
thank God, I don’t live there.  Really the moment I found myself
in Whackville, I wondered how the heck I got there followed quickly
by why was I here?  And next met by it’s kissing cousin: how dare
you be here.  :)

Finally, you know what I did?  I gave myself permission to be in
Whackville, no-holes-barred-have-at-it-all-you-want Whackville. Ah,
that made Whackville such an easier place to be.  And as a result
I left it behind in less than a day.  But not until I received all the gifts
it laid out for me to see.

I was facilitated by Philip over at the Field Center.  It all started there.
I thought I was a control freak of mostly myself.  That’s all I was willing
to admit to at the time.  But in Whackville, I saw it all.  I was controlling
of mostly everything except maybe breathing and the beating of my
heart.  And, ok, I have no control over the earth spinning on its axis,
nor the ocean tides.  :)  Everything else, just call me Control Freak.

This was good to see, you know?  Just shine an honest spotlight on it
all.  Reveal the hidden payoff in control, the grand illusion that it would
provide me a safety net from all that I have feared.

And so is there life after control?  You bet there is.  I can’t say I’ve been
reborn, I sort of feel the same but different.  Freer.

I got in the car today and started driving and singing.  I was making up my
own words and my own tune.  I may work on it a bit more and turn it into a
song but I’ll include it below now.

Whackville isn’t such a bad place after all.

“she’s got the sun on her face
lives in a warm friendly place
light pours from heaven above
bathes her in glorious love
she’s got the wind in her hair
no burdens ever to bear”

With love,

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