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I give you the letter
I never sent
that begins with
how precious you are
and ends with
love always and forever

I give you star dipped kisses
to wear in your hair

I give you a small yet competent compass
to hold in your pocket

I give you true North as your guide

I give you back your last two birthdays

I give you the card that reads:
now, you may begin anew

I give myself one, too.


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like the one about the man who
walked down the street
& turned into
a drugstore.

There was some secret in the moment
of that turning—when he has one thing,
became another—
that I return to again & again.

The day she stopped being
grandma and turned into
that madwoman.

The day my sister stopped being
& never came back. Perhaps there
was an instant between her secret sleep

& the moment the fever struck,
from which she could have been plucked.

Do not make that turn, I want to say to the man
who becomes the drugstore; to the woman
who dies insane; to my sister;

to the boy who became an adult
the moment the cell door slammed shut.
I want to freeze-frame each instant of turning,

unfold in slow motion the moment of callous
change. Perhaps the secret’s in the man’s
intention; in the list in his pocket of mundane
nostrums he was sent to fetch home.

Or perhaps I’ve got it wrong,
perhaps there’s a soda fountain where they all sit—
the man, my grandmother, my sister, the boy—

& drink nickel root beer floats, look back
on that fateful turn, & laugh among themselves
at the rest of us, who took it all so seriously.

~Richard Beban~
what have you lost?
Poems Selected by Naomi Shihab Nye

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Normally I wouldn’t even consider putting a 16 minute youtube video on my blog.  If you have found this post and don’t have the time to watch this video, bookmark it and come back to it.  I promise you, you will feel better for it and it’s for free!  This is such an inspiring, touching and extremely well made video.  Make the time, it will be so worth it.  I promise I would not steer you wrong – you’ll come back and want to say: Bethie, you are sooooo fabulous! :)

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“We are what is missing from the world”
~Fernando Pessoa


Some questions have no answer.
Raised, they hang there in the mind
Like open mouths, full of something missing.
The great Portuguese poet, Pessoa,
Said that the idea of happiness
Is what makes men permanently sad.
The body, imagining the soul,
Looks ugly to itself.
A man hears a word, and the world
Becomes a place that he misunderstands.
So he climbs high into his life,
Ashamed of all he doesn’t know,
And refuses to come down.

If you could coax him out again,
You could tell him, say,
That anything can be explained.
The shape of apples, for example,
By their love of travel.
Or that the sky is blue because
It’s an easy color on the eyes.

Even the dog, chasing its tail,
Has temporarily, a center.
Even the bird, disappearing into his hole
Knows that the world goes on without it.
And Pessoa, that eminently healthy man,
That artist, wore a blue wool hat
Even on the hottest summer days.
Simply to toss at strangers in the street.
He liked to see them catch it,
And grow immediately less strange.

~Tony Hoagland~
what have you lost?
Poems Selected by Naomi Shihab Nye


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Love is Timeless

This is a one minute video seen by 10 million people in less than a year on youtube.  Youtube is such a great format to bring us these kinds of heartwarming renderings that previously sat in someone’s video vault.

Bet you can’t watch it without at least one little happy tear coming to your eyes!

Told ya!  There is another video at youtube depicting more images of their life with Christian.  And this month they have published a book: Christian the Lion by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall.

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it’s nice to know
that when I’m feeling low
I can come visit my own blog
and laugh and cry and be soothed
find hope and remember

it’s nice to know
I’ve left a well marked trail
it’s lighted, too
and filled with my favorite things

it’s nice to know
others have come here and
felt better for it
they’ve also laughed and cried
found hope and remembered

and now I remember, too
I am not alone
not now, not ever.

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Kids Say The Darndest Things

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