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I just returned from a healing retreat and was struck by how, as unique and individual we are, so many of us share the same struggle with being hard on ourselves.

I’ve come to find for myself that the only way out of something is actually to move towards it. I posted earlier this year about it in ‘Letting Myself Have’.  The voices of self-criticism don’t need our further rejection, they need our love and acceptance.

Today I share with you kintsukuroi, the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver. The concept of our broken places having made us even more beautiful.

The cracks are the articulation of our journey through life.  The gilding reveals where the inner light, our essence, love, has come to shine through.

May each of us come to savor our own artistic, tender, loving hand at becoming ever more precious.

Japanese Bowl

I’m like one of those Japanese bowls
That were made long ago
I have some cracks in me
They have been filled with gold

That’s what they used back then
When they had a bowl to mend
It did not hide the cracks
It made them shine instead

So now every old scar shows
From every time I broke
And anyone’s eyes can see
I’m not what I used to be

But in a collector’s mind
All of these jagged lines
Make me more beautiful
And worth a much higher price

I’m like one of those Japanese bowls
I was made long ago
I have some cracks you can see
See how they shine of gold

~Peter Mayer

My beloved child, break your heart no longer.

~Bapuji (beloved father of Kripalu yoga)



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This is for the one

I found this poem attached to a bracelet I bought for my youngest daughter at Christmas.  The poem caught my attention perhaps even more than the bracelet.  There is no author attributed to it and none that I could find on the Internet, either.

What I love about the poem is its unconditional stance of acceptance.  It honors all of us, those who sit quietly on the side lines all the way to those who go on and live out loud in a big way.  No one is bigger or better than the other.

Here’s the poem:

This is for the one who has
found her way, and the one who is still searching

For the one who counts her blessings, and who is a
blessing to others.

This is for the dreamer, and the dancer, and the music maker.

For the ones brave enough to jump, and the ones still
standing on the edge.

This is for the one who takes the path, and for the one who
creates her own.

For the one who fights,
believes, creates, and inspires.

This is for you.

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O, if anyone is coming for anyone tonight

let it be me

       may I stumble on a star and lie there for all of time

or feather my nest inside the downy edges of the Big Dipper

then grasp the tail of a wandering meteor

orbit a comet carousel around the sun

and sail and sip my way through the Milky Way

I would travel around an enchanted moonlit sky

 linger within the endless night blanketed with stars

dip my pen in the Black Hole

        and write love letters to the night

 but o, I am too soon back to my still warm bed

the covers slightly rumpled

the dreamer still dreaming

 embraced in a cloak of stardust

you must know now

 I belong to the night forevermore

O, if anyone is coming for anyone tonight

let it be me


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