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Were you born between November 29th and December 17th?  I was!  Well, you and I just might have a new sun sign, Ophiuchus.  But not if you talk to an astrologer.  I say, not fair, first media tantalizes us with a whole new Zodiac set up from 12 signs to 13 and then bam, astrologers put the lid on it.  Well, screw that!  It’s down right boring living with the same astrological sign for a lifetime.  I’ll be the judge of who I really am.  So here’s my frank and sometimes irreverent evaluation of just how Ophiuchus-y I am.

– The Ophiuchus loves to seek change in their life.

Duh!  Why do you think I want a new sun sign?!  Score 1 for Ophiuchus!  God, could they change the name to something a little more palatable than an “uchus”?!  It sounds like my Yiddish grandmother came up with this zodiac sign based on it rhyming with tukhus.

– They hate the mundane routine in their everyday life.

You betcha.  Score 2!

– They tend to get very impulsive and will follow their guts, even if they tend to get it wrong most of the time.

Shhhh, yes, but let that be our little secret.  Score 3!

– These are people who love to have fun.

Yes, fun is my middle name.  You should all hear my laugh, you can hear it a block away.  Score 4!

– They are a tad too honest.

Blunt and blurt.  Guilty as charged.  Score 5!

– These people are described as intellectual and clever beings.

Of course!  Score 6!

– The Ophiuchus tends to think with their hearts not their minds.

Hmmm, just depends.  I am a big thinker but I’m also very emotional and ok, yes, I do tend to make decisions from my heart not my mind.  Score 7 for Ophiuchus.

– The Ophiuchus personality traits shows these people are very creative and imaginative and love to feed their curiosity.

Curiosity never killed this cat!  Score 8.

– They can be called human magnets. This is because they rank really high in the charisma quotient. These empathic beings can easily pursue people once they turn on their charm along with their knack of persuasion.

I pursue no one.  I let them pursue me.   But if the word arrogant comes up in any of Ophiuchus’ personality traits, don’t believe a word of it.

– They do not like any kind of restrictions, rules or authority over them.

My favorite bumper sticker: question authority.  Score 10.  Does it say anywhere I suck at math?

– They are proud people who tend to be a bit arrogant.

What did I say?  Don’t believe a word of it!

– So, keep telling them they are the best, the numero uno and they will eat out of your hands.

Yes and no.  I don’t eat out of anyone’s hands.  God are you kidding me, you don’t know where those hands have been!

– They love to seek the unknown and gather new wisdom.

That’s what me blog is all about.

– They are also not a very popular being on the social circuit due to their arrogance and pride.

Shut up!  What do you know anyway?!

– They can be called the apple of the eye for their parents when young.

I was, am, and always will be, Daddy’s little girl.

So that’s it.  Ok, well, there was a whole list of so-called “bad” personality traits but they were all irrelevant to sweet little ‘ol me.  I still can’t figure out who I am, Sag or Ophi.   Maybe I’m just Simply Blessed.

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