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Yesterday’s post was this quote: “All any feeling wants is to be welcomed with tenderness.” (Jean Haner)

Can you take that in?  Is there any resistance to welcoming any feeling with tenderness?  It’s ok if you said yes, really it is.  It only points you to the places you have yet to allow your love.  It’s all any feeling is asking for, not judgment which is the antithesis of tenderness.   We know the voices of the judgment triplets well: coulda, woulda, shoulda.

To truly allow is to welcome whatever comes including any resistance to allowing.  Welcome that, too, with tenderness.  The moment you shine love where there was judgment of self, that familiar tension you carried with it releases, as do those feelings.

We are taught from the Bible that judgment day is coming.  For some of us, it’s been here all along.  How about entertaining a new paradigm?

Non-judgment day is Here.

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“All any feeling wants

is to be welcomed

with tenderness.”

~Jean Haner~

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Emotions change,

they come and go.

You are that

which doesn’t

come and go.

You are the awareness

behind what arises.


the moment

you accept what arises,

you are free.

~Kim Eng with Eckhart Tolle~
Resist Nothing: Guided Meditations

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