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Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of focus on myself, which is why I took a blog sabbatical.  Regular readers know that my Dad died this year.  I also decided to get treatment for PTSD with neurofeedback.  That was my first choice. Then because my PTSD manifests in screaming out loud nightmares that wake my entire household, I also decided to seek a Jungian trained therapist.  When it comes to dream work, Jung was sheer brilliance.

In my neurofeedback sessions I get hooked up to these electrodes placed on my head and ears.  Then I wear earphones and sound gets piped in.  When I am in a “stuck” place in my brain, it gives me feedback in my ears that lets me know I’m in that stuck place.  From there, I choose where to journey, stay stuck or move somewhere new, though I have to say it doesn’t always feel a conscious choice.  It feels like the brain is journeying all on its own.

When I first started the neurofeedback, there were times it got very emotional.  Mostly, I’ve moved past that now and sometimes the sessions are a deep meditative experience.  Other times, though, I feel as if I am bouncing around in the ethers of the Universe, getting answers to questions I didn’t even know I had.  It’s as if a part of me takes off into a whole other realm of being.  Those are my favorite sessions, though they’ve kicked my butt every time, as I’ll be in brain exhaustion the rest of the day.  Then I will sleep like a baby those nights and awake renewed and filled with so much excitement around where my brain, my consciousness has been.

So in asking to understand more about how this all worked, my naturopath was explaining to me about synapses and such and that stuck *ANYTHING* including stuck happiness is not optimal use of the brain.  I started to ponder that and it makes sense. If this is an expansion based Universe, of course this has to be true.  Something stuck doesn’t create new pathways, it hinders it.  So even though it’s been said we can never truly be stuck, in the brain, I think there’s lots of ways energy, vibration, synapses, what have you, can become stuck.  What The Bleep illustrated this perfectly in the wedding reception scene with people dancing with the various IV’s, their emotional drugs of choice.

It just really kind of blew my mind that even being stuck in happiness is not optimal use of the brain.  And that leads me to a whole new place to stand in with lots of new options.  Really calls into question the old Abe edict: nothing is more important than I feel good.  I love Abraham Hicks and a hundred other teachers but I’m starting to think maybe I’ll drink my own koolaid for awhile.  The measure of my life is not just in my joy or happiness, it’s infinitely so much more than just that.

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