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Welcome to the field of infinite possibilities. 

Sit, rest in an easy chair and watch as this world unfurls before your eyes. 

Here, nothing is ever lost, nor perishes, everything transforms.

There is no leaving, there is only coming home to more of yourself. 


You never got it wrong. 

There’s no invisible bar of expectations you haven’t reached quite yet. 

There’s nothing just beyond your grasp. 


Your whole being is now aglow in speechless wonder. 

This is the totality of who you always are.

Feast here, for it is your true sustenance forevermore.



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Loss (10+)


1.    Feeling fear in the middle of the night
2.    pushing it away, then breathing into it
3.    asking to know what lies beneath the fear
4.    understanding it’s almost always about loss of something
5.    a something that feels precious or even necessary to me
5.    feeling compassion for the me who believes in this loss
6.    knowing still there’s a broader me that doesn’t experience loss
7.    witnessing how being tender with myself helps me befriend loss
8.    and ultimately allows it to flow and be released
9.    knowing I may dance with loss again, “real” or imagined
10.  asking in those moments that I may be willing again
11.  to cherish the soft underbelly of my human-ness

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