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“You could probably boil all your suffering down to this:
‘I want to control this moment but I cannot!!!’”

“So much of our suffering comes down to fear of loss of control, a resistance to chaos, a desperation for a new order in the midst of a storm.”

” ‘DO NOT SEEK OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF FOR HAPPINESS’, the storm bellows. You will suffer until you realize this, and then you will suffer every time you forget it, and so suffering is a meditation bell in a storm, part of life’s ingenious invitation.”

“Suffering – when you don’t run away from it, numb yourself to it, or deny it – will always bring you face to face with the fact that what you are cannot ever be defined, divided, or destroyed.”

“Suffering is nothing more or less than resistance to the present moment, the pushing-away of its inevitable suchness, a botched attempt to control or escape the Now…”

“You don’t need to be the peaceful one, the awakened one, the strong one, the highly evolved one, the one immune to suffering. All are false limitations on your limitless nature. Simply be what you are, not ‘this’ one or ‘that’ one, but The One, the space for all of it.”

“It’s about coming alive. It’s about waking up to grace. It’s about unconditional friendliness and infinite kindness to yourself. It’s about making it safe, finally safe for all of those unloved, un-met, unseen waves of the ocean of yourself to crawl out of the depths, out of the darkness, out of the corners and holes and crevices of experience and come into the light, blinking and full of wonder.”

These quotes are all from Jeff Foster.  They were beautifully compiled (and more) by Nic Higham.  You can visit Nic here and Jeff Foster here.

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