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I know why a raven is like a writing desk!  Or is it, a writing desk is like a raven?  Doesn’t matter, does  not  matter,  except I just checked my notes because apparently it does matter!  It’s – why is a raven like a writing desk?  I know, I know, pick me, pick me!

It’s the riddle Lewis Carroll meant to be unanswered.  Hence the Mad Hatter said he did not know.  But I know!  Why do I know?  A) I know a tad more than bupkiss.  Take that spell checker! and B) I need answers!  You can’t leave a question hanging, not even a riddle without an answer.

And the answer, drum roll please ….

because language can take you anywhere.  It can fly you to whole ‘nuther worlds, real and imagined.  Where do you want to go?  Take flight into any realm, any where, any time as any artful writer worth his weight in feather quills will tell you.

There you have it, the answer we’ve all been seeking or at least one of us has been.  But wait, there’s more to learn from Alice in Wonderland.  So much more.

Take the theme of champion, for instance.  The White Queen needed a champion.  Don’t we all need a champion?  How about being a champion of ourselves?  Being in our own corner.   Seeing the best of ourselves and pushing ourselves to the limits of that best-ness or much-ness as Mad Hatter called it.

To be anything else, to stagnate, to repeatedly fall back on our comfort zone is to shrivel and shrink back from who we are.  We’re not shrivelers (spell checker doesn’t know what the hell to do with that) we are revelers!  Revelers of ourselves.  We thrive on the fullness of our life well lived.

Never lose your much-ness, whatever that is, you are the one who can choose to dim your own light or not.  And isn’t that the message of Alice, the freedom to choose.  You make the path, too, just like Alice did when she diverted from what the compendium said must be.  And just like Alice this is YOUR dream, you get to choose.

What will subtract from your power to choose for yourself, is listening to what others want and finding ways to please them more than pleasing yourself.  Remember what Alice was told: You cannot live your life to please others because when you step out to face that creature, you will step out alone.  Though the Universe has our back, it has our back even more when we have our own.  There comes a time when regardless of who we love or who we are attached to, we step out alone.  We step out alone in our own truth, alone in our own power to choose, and alone in our own power to believe.

Believe in you most of all.  Let your light shine.  Let it shine and you will be your own champion.  And you’ll never look back with regret only forward with the new day to burst into all that this new day has to offer you.  And that my friends, is to drink from the eternal fountain of youth.

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Today, I am shopping for not exactly housewares but … word-wares.  I locate a shop unlike any other shop I’ve ever come across and step inside:

Wandering about it, my eyes spot Predictability on the rack in its usual conventional attire.  Alongside of it hangs Pragmatic, in basic wrinkle-free black.  Levity fills the summer rack in bright chiffon prints.

I walk down long aisles until I reach the back wall, where I come upon Frailty.  It hangs gingerly on the wall largely out of reach, though my fingers skirt its gossamer hem.

Sifting through shelves, I find Envy and Jealousy.  The cost on the price tag reads: steep.

Rumor and Hearsay lie strewn about the half price table.

I catch sight of Bitterness on the remnant table, where a pungency rises in the air.

I turn and walk back to the center, the heart of the store and find delicate crystal vases holding Hope.  Death of a loved one lies tenderly in a jar labeled Humility.

I make my way finally to a part of the store I hadn’t noticed before.  Off in a far corner and easy to pass by without ever noticing, I find a sturdy oak book shelf and a series of leather bound books entitled: Life.   They glow in every color imaginable.  Golden bookends flank each side of Life; one bookend is engraved with the word Goodness and the other with Mercy.  Sure now that this shall be my purchase, I search for the price tag and find gilded on the bottom of each bookend … free for the asking.

I leave the store, changed and humbled, knowing now that goodness and mercy shall be with me all the days of my life.  I want to tell all of you … this is yours, too … free for the asking.


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