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This week’s inquiry … questions designed to be experienced …

Are you still seeking that which you already are?  

Just sit there right now
Don’t do a thing
Just rest.
For your separation from God,
From love,
Is the hardest work
In this

Now that you have discovered
that which was not hidden,
go your way.
Now that we are united in
what is inseparable,
go your way.
Now that you have returned to
where you have never left,
go your way.

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This week’s inquiry … questions designed to be experienced rather than thought through …

What would innocence bring to this thought, this person, this situation?

Innocence waits for nothing,  It has no opinion of your story, holds no grudges, makes no conclusion, knows nothing of your suffering.  Innocence doesn’t age or remember.  It holds no deep pockets filled with unending rules.  It carries only one inherent knowing: it knows the wholeness.  ~Bethie

When you know every thought of attack towards anyone is a sword that is dropping on your own head, and when you know that your willingness to see the innocence in another person, then therein lies your capacity to experience your own innocence. ~Marianne Williamson

I could spend my day with my history and my pain and my failures.  I could also live the day as a blessing waiting to be unwrapped by my eyes and my grateful heart.  Given the choice to drown in a sea of pain or float effortlessly on a sea of bliss — hmmm, which shall I choose?  It’s a no brainer, right?  But ah, that history can be seductive!  And yet, each day, patiently and silently God draws aside the curtain.  I awake, I peek around that curtain with all the innocence and curiosity of a newborn, because that’s what the newness of this day and this opportunity really represents.  ~Bethie

may the tide
that is entering even now
the lip of our understanding
carry you out
beyond the face of fear
may you kiss
the wind then turn from it
certain that it will
love your back     may you
open your eyes to water
water waving forever
and may you in your innocence
sail through this to that

~Lucille Clifton (at St. Mary’s)  Blessing the Boats

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I’ve come up with this week’s inquiry.  These are always so much fun to experiment with and share with all of you.

~ How do I feel when I drop out of my head and into my heart? ~

What I love about this question is that you can’t think your way through it, it’s wholly experiential. 

There’s certainly a time and a place for thinking and analyzing.  When it becomes more of the hamster wheel of over-thinking, over-analyzing, especially when it’s fear and/or judgment based, this is the time to use this question.

Even asking the question once can bring about an internal state change, because once again the war with life has ceased.  In its place is an ever expanding awareness of the vibrancy of ourselves and life that is always present and available to tap into.

It’s that shift that invites us to leave behind the occasional notion that life’s a scary place, into the supportive space of life is kind, comfortable, easy, relaxed, expansive and friendly. 

As I move towards my heart centered spirit, it moves towards me.  As one harmonic, vibrating spirit I can move through this world with the comfort and ease that’s always been available to me.



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