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It all started when I went to bed last night — a bit of an internal chagrin that I no longer seem to get emails from “this week’s powerful question”.  These are one-liner questions that are often so striking they operate like little internal alarm clocks.  They remove any blinders that we may have unwittingly donned, and expand our perspective with fresh, new eyes.

So then I woke up this morning with a song in my head: “What if God were one of us…?”  Do you ever have that happen, lyrics to a song seem to just randomly pop into you head? 

I began to play with the lyrics, and came up with:

What if


In All of Us?

What if, indeed? 

Of course, I could get all up in my righteous head: so and so did this, said this.  They never, they always.  They’re wrong, I’m right.  Yet this little question lifts the veil of separation I feel with “others”, when I am judging my experience of them.

Ah, the precious little confining boxes of life that pit me against another.  Why go there?  Feels so expansive, so wide open, to just simply stop the inner commentary and gently ask:

What if


In All of Us?

A question that can’t be answered at the level of the mind, can it?  The answer lies in living within the question.  Sweet paradox! 

It’s the invisible gift of starting over, a clean slate, a new beginning …

But wait …! 

It’s this week’s powerful question that inadvertently floated into my early morning consciousness with a song! 

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