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“We wind up on the shores of our own subconscious and we are not sure what is real.”  ~ from the movie Inception

I viewed Inception for the first time this weekend.  What a fabulously brilliant, complex, multi-layered movie.  I could watch it again and again and come up with a new insight every time.  Here, I’m only going to speak to what seemed to me the most glaring, the most obvious point it was making.

“…building a dream based on memory is the easiest way to lose your grip on reality…”  That’s a direct quote from the movie.  Let’s change the wording slightly: building a life based on memory is the easiest way to lose your grip on reality.  How did you color that memory?  Was it a pleasant memory or a not so pleasant one?

Let’s take the movie for instance.  One character believes: I am a disappointment to my father.  Or is he?  Perhaps he is a source of pride to his father.  How will he know which is true?  He will know by the seeds he plants and waters, nurtures and visits often what will be true for him.

It’s the same for all of us.  The seeds of thought we plant in our minds, the ones we visit often, the ones we take to be real are the ones that will take root and appear to be very real.  They may become the seeds that ultimately define us.  Yet none of us ever wants to, in our heart of hearts, define ourselves by limitation.  Kahlil Gibran once said – “we are the sons and daughters of life’s longing itself”.   And I believe we are also the sons and daughters of a Love that can never fail us.

The main character in the movie is plagued by guilt.  In the end, he has circled the globe and now faces the man who holds his final and ultimate freedom.  Yet, ironically, the man who holds his true freedom is really … himself.  The redemption he has been seeking has always been within.

As St. Francis once said – “we are what we are seeking”.  The truth that’s been locked up, that some chose to forget, until now … is that we are always Love seeking to know and experience more of itself, more Love.  We are the flower always leaning into and naturally drawn toward the light.

In the end, what remains, what eternally remains is — Love.  Love is the pure oxygen sustaining us.  We only know love, we only know joyful pride, we only know beaming appreciation.  Perhaps everything else is the dream we are dreaming.

We are already that which we are seeking and when we wash up on those shores, the world is “too full to talk about.”

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