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Earlier this week, I sent myself a portion of my horoscope and labeled the subject line “HOPE”:

“And although you could take yourself rather seriously today, rest assured there are plenty of good times right around the corner.”

Who me, take myself seriously? :-)

When I do take myself a bit seriously I tend to think I will feel this way forever.  Then I remember … so this is life, the in-between.  The heart-felt journey between the pages of the beginning and the happily ever after. 

There would be no pages to fill were it not for the things we both love and curse, our losses, challenges, our dreams, hopes, and passions. It’s the heroic journey in between that makes these pages come alive.  It will include stories of how we rose to meet life’s challenges, how we stumbled, faltered and sometimes broke. 

And, ultimately how we came back to lay in the fertile green fields of our hearts.  As we lay there through the late afternoon sun and soft wind, the clouds rolled in and drenched us in a downpour of love, kindness and hope.*  Every pore soaked its holy sustenance in …

… as we turn the page and a new chapter begins.

Whatever your challenges today or any day, remember this:

“No feeling is final.  Just keep going.  Nearby is the country they call Life.  You will know it by it’s seriousness.  Give me your hand.” Rainer Maria Rilke


*to my friends Terri and Ahmee


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