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Last week I was trying to delete my enrollment in a Facebook group.  The mindset I had going into it was that deleting myself off of anything on Facebook is never easy.  So of course this is self fulfilling and the delete button that is just the second line below the group’s image is suddenly nowhere to be found.  Now I’ve taken up the task of posting a question on my status update — how do I delete myself from a Facebook group?  This dear soul, Martha, tells me how to do it.  Martha adds: I always know the way out.

I always know the way out, struck me for its clarity and confidence.  I pondered it for a bit; I think she was talking in literal terms.  My mind was going elsewhere and I came up with another line: The way out is the way in.

And that is where I begin today.  The way out is the way in.  I told my teacher I’d obviously been hanging out with The Field Center for awhile, long enough that I’m talking in riddles and paradoxes now.  My teacher, Philip, said: wait, it gets even better, soon you’ll be talking in double entendres.  Stay tuned for that!

The way out is the way in — what does it mean?.  It means the way to move beyond something is to move into it.  Moving into it while bringing a deep acceptance of it, not judging it, letting it be as it is.  The important piece of this is, that I don’t move into it with the agenda of moving out of it.  If there’s an agenda, I’ve tipped my hand, I’m not really accepting it after all.  This is what is meant by “deep” acceptance, coming to it with a willingness to lean into it, move with it for the sake of only one thing, a peaceful heart.

Huna, sometimes referred to as ho’oponopono, states — experience teaches us we are served by both good and bad.  Things like contrast, bad, and unwanted made me want to get up and flee, as I’ve written before in my two recent Feel the Fear posts.  Not until I could say “it’s ok”, was I able to move into it.   It’s ok and it’s all ok, *not* I’m ok with what’s not ok.  The latter is what we call stress management.  The former moves gently in alignment with the self.  No pushing, no convincing, no agenda just a light willingness to allow it all without naming it bad or unwanted and a corresponding receptivity to remain open to intuitive guidance when it reveals itself.

Something is transformed when I approach life in this way.  Doors that I was pushing open, pushing against, seem to open inwardly on their own, as soon as I remove the hand pushing against it.  The way out is the way in.

In one of Carlos Castaneda’s books, there was a scene where it was said: before you choose a path, ask yourself if the path has heart.  If it does, it will go well, if it doesn’t, you’ll destroy it to start again.  I like thinking of that as my guide now, as I am about to embark on anything — does the path have heart?

Leaning into and with life is my path of the heart.  This is living on the side of harmony and self solidarity.  The path of the heart where the mind takes a back seat.  Mind doesn’t have all the answers any way, no matter how solution oriented it may be.  Mind gets caught up in fixing it, shifting it, changing it, figuring it out, arguing with it, hiding it and stuffing it.  Letting the mind move to the backgound allows the heart to move into the foreground of our lives.  And in doing so, something mysterious and wonderful happens and we are led inexplicably to all that lends itself to our well being.

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