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The Morning After

Kayla 10/31/2010


Well, it’s over now.  Another Halloween has passed.  Costumes lay in a heap on the floor.  The American Diabetes Association, whose collective shudder could be felt around the world, can now breathe and relax.

There does seem to be a state that’s achieved from ingesting excessive amounts of sugar, first confusion sets in followed by a stupor of sorts.  I could hear it in my youngest daughter’s voice as she lay her tired, filled to the brim with candy, body down to sleep.  Her final words before sleep spill out:

“I want to go to … Tennessee or France.”

Just to tell you :).

Yes, the above was written Halloween of 2007.  Kayla was going on 11, now going on 14.  She lives a long way from France or Tennessee.  She still keeps me smiling.  She’s one part quirky, two parts filled with the spirit and thrill of being alive.

If you’re missing the sun, as we sometimes do around these Seattle parts, it’s probably because it’s been roped in for the day and captured inside her petite frame.  Lit up from the inside out, spreading joy wherever she goes, that’s who she is.  I count myself the blessed and lucky one to be her Mom.

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