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Alright then, Bethie’s back and she’s bad – in smuch a good way.  No that’s not a typo you read there, smuch is my new favorite word!

My friend Luana, introduced me to a process by Sonia Choquette.  I was so taken with it but I decided to change it and adapt it into something I felt would work even better.  The suggestion was to:

put your hand on your heart and say out LOUD
if I were NOT afraid I would _______________

I like the idea of putting your hand on your heart and speaking out loud, instead:

because I am not afraid, I will step into my greatness, I will step into all that I really am and I will experience my ________.  Today my blank is: clarity and grounded-ness.  Then I found I still wanted to say more: I will bring this clarity and grounded-ness to all that I do today.  If faced with a challenging situation, I will ask:

What would clarity and grounded-ness bring to this situation?

By the way, I think it even adds to it to say it in front of a mirror with your hand on your heart.

I love how this is akin to taking an oath of solidarity with yourself and you can change it up every day or do the same thing repeatedly until you feel a real sense of this is who I am now.

In the Velveteen Rabbit, the Skin Horse told Rabbit that “it doesn’t happen all at once.  You become.”  Yes, we are often in that state of becoming, sometimes it does happen all at once.  Sometimes subjects are more resistant than others.  Those are the subjects that are in a state of becoming.  Not all at once, a little here, a little there.  But always headed there or maybe more rightly, Here.  As long as we are on our side, living from that inner place of self rapport and self solidarity, we’ve got all we need to move through life and Become.

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