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These are two useful mindfulness tools from my “greatest hits” of 2014. I still practice both of these. The first is very calming, grounding and restorative, and useful also with nighttime wakefulness. The other is a great one from Tara Brach, helpful when thoughts are regretting the past or projecting into the future – it is an instant pivot! Finally, I conclude with something new, and equally impactful, from Byron Katie.

“Take your thumb and connect it with your pinky, take 5 deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth.  Do the same with your ring finger, then your middle finger, then your index finger.  Then finally, bring all 5 fingers together and take 5 deep breaths.” (excerpted from thespirtscience.net)

This last greatest hit from 2014, is just one simple question quoting the mindfulness teacher, Tara Brach. I put this question on one of my homemade “well being” cards. It’s a great reminder, and especially useful the moment you even start to dip a toe in the waters of suffering.

“Ok, what is actually happening right now?”

Deceptively simple, isn’t it? But incredibly powerful!

And lastly, I’ve appended the Byron Katie quote below. The last two sentences are especially helpful if you are arguing with what is, which is to say feeling like anything, whatever it is, should not be happening. That is the very heart of suffering, and that’s why I am committed to bringing you (and me) tools to help ease it. Be well and at peace, my friends.

“Things are happening to me. Stressful thought.

Things are happening for me. Positive thought.

Things are happening. Truth.”



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One Sand Grain


One Sand Grain Among The Others in Winter Wind

I wake with my hand held over the place of grief in my body.
“Depend on nothing,” the voice advises, but even that is useless.
My ears are useless, my familiar and intimate tongue.
My protecting hand is useless, that wants to hold the single leaf to the tree
and say, Not this one, this one will be saved.

~After: Jane Hirshfield Poems~

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Image Locale

what do i do with these images
of thin sheets of curled steel laying upright on our yard
what do I do with these images of cars thrown about
like three colored dice rolled out on the lawn

what do I do with the fear of this stunning force and power
a car has — the ability to change everything in an instant

I too have the power to change anything in an instant.

I want to curl up first, I want to spill out of a bottomless pit of grief

And then I want to rise up remembering who I really am.
I want to feel every millimeter of that blossoming me
that begins from down low and narrow in its roots and
slowly rises and expands upwards and outward curling
as it goes up to the sky, making handholds for those
who need the flowers — me.

I want to hear the birds begin their chorus of song at every
moment of the day, our daily problems so inconsequential to them

I want to remember that at the end of the day no matter what that day has been,
I can open my window and I can hear that chorus of birds right now.
Their sole job is to sing and to sing, and to sing again.  Their beauty sings to me.

Today perhaps you would allow I could say they sing for me.
They sing: come sing with us Bethie.  Breathing now, I say I will, I will.
I am almost there.  No, I am already there.

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