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I keep an ever changing pile of metaphysical books by my bedside, books rotate in and out over time.  Occasionally I pick one up in the morning, especially when I am looking for a little spiritual “pick me up”.

This morning I had this idea about a situation and the injustice of it all.  I wanted to find another way to be around it.  So I reach for this particular book, randomly open to a page because I am sure the very thing I need to read can be found that way (and so often that is true).  I read the passages below and immediately knew that my feeling a sense of injustice is actually code for “what is not worthy of my love”.  It’s just that simple.  And right then and there, I softened.


“Now what is not worthy of love?  If you ask yourself this, “What is not worthy of love?” you will discover very quickly the things that you put outside of God.  And what you put outside of God you give great power to …

And those things that you claim outside of God are, in many ways, your master. Because as you adhere to the belief that they cannot be in union with the divine, that they cannot be accepted in the divine, in love and in the vibration of love, you keep yourself from it as well.”


“On this day I choose to realign my vibration to the highest expression of love that I may hold.  And I give myself permission to release any and all judgment of what cannot be loved, who cannot be loved, and I allow myself to accept my former choices as born in what I believed.  And I relinquish the beliefs that held me in abeyance so I may rise to a new understanding of love, and express as love in truth and knowing.  As I say this, I know it is true.  I am claiming my power back from any expressions of value that are not in alignment to love, and I give myself permission to reclaim myself as the expression of God in love that I am intended to be.  I am Word through this intention.  Word I am Word.”

~ Paul Selig, “The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text”


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Well, how is everyone, as Spring emerges here in North America?  It’s been an interesting time, hasn’t it, lots of energy swirling both globally and individually. I’ve likened it to be on a rolling coaster ride, you coast, then up in the air you go, and whoosh down you go.  I had a dream recently where I was on a roller coaster and the thing you hold onto broke.  I told my friend about it and she said that’s to let us know life wants us to enjoy the ride, and throw our hands up in the air in joyful abandon!  
Be well and at peace my friends, even if the thing you hold onto breaks, either way it will pass whether we tense up or enjoy the ride.

A compilation of daily blessings: Windows and doors open today, the birds are singing – they sing of an unchanging love that takes its delight and form in all of us. I turn the channel towards your light, to the only constant truth that ever remains.
I love watching the hillsides go from just a hint of green, while buds swell, and then burst forth donning their youthful shade of spring green -then seeing the color deepen and mature each passing day to emerald greens. There’s a joyful constancy in Spring and in this Universe, this is the promise and the blessing of every new day.
Life, exquisite for its beauty and its fragility. A divine essence, back of all things, always remains intact. I cannot hold myself apart from that, I can think that I can, but that’s not what’s real. What’s real is there is no place where I am and God is not.
Where there is chaos, let me trust in a Divine Order at work here. Where there is change and surprise, allow me to ease into new possibilities. Where there is fear and doubt, teach me to live in – only this moment now. Where there is uncertainty, may I rest in the promise of new opportunities. Where I have lost my faith remind me, my faith has not lost me.

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Don’t go anywhere without me.
Let nothing happen in the sky apart from me,
or on the ground, in this world or that world,
without my being in its happening.
Vision, see nothing I don’t see.
Language, say nothing.
The way the night knows itself with the moon,
be that with me. Be the rose
nearest to the thorn that I am.

I want to feel myself in you when you taste food,
in the arc of your mallet when you work,
when you visit friends, when you go
up on the roof by yourself at night.

There’s nothing worse than to walk out along the street
without you. I don’t know where I’m going.
You’re the road and knower of roads,
more than maps, more than love.


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You Raise Me


Today’s Blessing: “you raise me up so I can stand on mountains”*, oh yes, you do.

You raise me up so that I may know that I am always enough. You raise me up so that I may know there is always enough. You raise me up so that I may know you are my one and only supply.

You raise me up so that I may never walk alone, and know that I am always cared for unconditionally. You raise me up so that I may remember all of this!

You raise me up so that I might be a vessel of your love. You raise me up so that I may be a beacon of your light. You raise me up so I can inspire through the gifts you have given me.

You raise me up to all that I Am. Oh God, you raise me up!


*from the song “You Raise Me Up”


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I am reading a channeled text by Paul Selig – special thanks to one of my readers who introduced his work to me.  Today I quote from “The Book of Knowing and Worth”.  I believe this is his latest work.

It’s actually not an easy task to quote this book out of context and have it make sense, but darned if I don’t try anyway!

“You design this, you know.  You are so used to this, to playing the game of limitation that you create from it.  It is the hat you wear that shields you from the sun that would awaken you.  ‘I know who I am in my limitation, in my poverty, in my fear, in my shame, in my unknowing.’ ”  (stick with me here!)

“Now we ask you this: What stands in the way of your worth?  What have you created that would keep you from God?  What have you attended to, believed, agreed upon, that would keep you from the love of your Creator?  What are those things that you have invested so much power in that they would keep you in hiding from the kingdom that is welcoming you?  You must look at these things and realize what they are: creations born in fear, that you use now to protect you from the possibility that you may be much more wonderful than you have ever imagined.”

And now to continue his line of questioning, I’ll take his last statement and turn it into an inquiry.  Before I do that though, be mindful that this question doesn’t become a tool to beat yourself up with.  This is about awakening to what we are serving and what we are agreeing to, because as long as we are blind to that, we will continue to unwittingly sign on the dotted line to more of that.

Here’s the inquiry:

What am I creating to protect myself from the possibility that I may be much more wonderful than I ever imagined?

Or, how about this:

What am I creating to protect myself from the possibility that Life can be much more wonderful than I ever imagined?

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t known who they were via the lens of limitation of some sort, at one time or another.  We’re completely in charge of buying into that illusory, limited self … but if we’re not that, then what and who are we?  He answers these questions in his book, but we don’t need the book, each of us knows our true value and worth, we might have just temporarily agreed to forget.

Shall we collectively agree to remember, and then go live and be that?  Shall we go lie down in that grass, where the questions have emptied themselves and the answers sing in the unending skies?



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Blessings Day 328: stepped outside on my porch to soak in the sun, and I sat there and breathed. Breathing in this sacred day. Breathing in my guides, ancestors, Divine Creator to join, guide and support me with their wisdom throughout the day.

Breathing in kindness, breathing out judgment, breathing in openness and willingness (two of my favorites). Breathing in trust that I am guided at every turn. I just forget sometimes. Breathing to the bright sky, she’s a beauty and her trees stand taller reaching toward her light.

And soon I’ll belong to the night and I’ll stop and breathe for the moon, she takes me as I am.  And as the night moon dreams, I am changed, molded seamlessly, effortlessly and surprisingly back to the still surface of a lake. Any turmoil of the day before is gone, as it eventually always is. Thoughts, feelings of the moment, those enjoyed, those not, they come and they go.  They leave quietly and without warning, when a sliver of no judgment enters through a crack in the door, and we are awash and renewed again in its benevolent grace.

There are constants in life we can count on, and one of those constants is that nothing is static.

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We Are All Leaving



Blessings Day 322: a simple line in a movie left me pondering this life we live: “We’re all leaving.” Yes, we are from the moment we are born, we are all leaving, we are all dying.  Morbid I know, but stick with me here.

As I get older life becomes ever more precious, I don’t take it for granted certainly the way I did when I was younger and seemingly immortal.

The line in the movie reminded me that – yes, from the moment we are born, all of God’s creatures are leaving. Each day, every breath simultaneously living and silently edging closer to dying.

I’m not afraid to die, I am afraid to live one day without noticing, enjoying, appreciating, thanking, blessing, and cherishing the preciousness of life, and myself in it.

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I have shared a few of my daily blessings from Facebook here.  This one from a few days ago, surprisingly seemed to resonate with several people.  It is part of an ongoing evolution of a process I started with “Letting Myself Have”.

Blessings Day 275: I wanted to memorize one of Marianne Williamson’s prayers from “Illuminata” but couldn’t, so instead I silently say “thank you, God” many times a day. I started at first to say it when things were all groovy in my world, but now I do the opposite.

A weird thing happens when I affirm my thanks to God, crappy feelings stop their talk while they listen to my little prayer of thanks.

I am afraid of doing “x” on Saturday – thank you God.

So I make up a story why I can’t do “x”; I don’t cop to the truth – thank you God.

I don’t listen to my own advice – thank you, God.

I judge myself – thank you, God.

I judge others – thank you, God.

I had a shitty night’s sleep – thank you, God.

I’m here in the flesh, I’m feeling, I have choices, I’m alive, I’m loved and by some perhaps I’m even appalling and hated, thank you God.

I’m breathing with the warm body of my being, I’m still open —


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God’s sovereignty  and The Purpose of Prayer


Today I share with you my blessing that I post daily on Facebook, following that excerpts from Illuminata by Marianne Williamson.

Blessings Day 252: yesterday was hard for a number of reasons. Picking up Marianne Williamson’s Illuminata was so helpful. I read aloud to my husband passages in the chapter “Ladders to God”. Then I went upstairs, crossed the threshold of my bedroom to hear my Dad’s watch beep at that exact moment. (Note: my father passed 2.5 years ago.) Dad’s watch beeps on the truth. I’m not always sure I’ve made the right decisions but I’m not walking this path pretending I am alone any more. I am born of the Divine Consciousness of God, the field of infinite possibilities, All That Is, All That Heals, All That Infinitely Loves. May I rest in those pastures, today and every day.

“The issue is not whether our day is easy, but whether we spend it with an open heart.”

“Prayer and meditation reconnect us with our Source. …Just as we used to think that the earth was the center of external power and then found out that the sun is, we have been thinking that man’s ego is the center of internal power, and at last, we’re remembering that God is. …The purpose of prayer is to bring Heaven and earth together.  It gives inner peace in ways that neither intellectual understanding, credentials, money, sex, drugs, houses, clothes nor any gifts of the world can do.  …The intellect gives many things, but ultimately it cannot give comfort.  …Through prayer we find what we cannot find elsewhere; a peace that is not of this world.”

After so many years apart from my Christian and Judaic roots, God doesn’t care why or how I came back, only that I have.


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This week’s inquiry … questions designed to be experienced …

Are you still seeking that which you already are?  

Just sit there right now
Don’t do a thing
Just rest.
For your separation from God,
From love,
Is the hardest work
In this

Now that you have discovered
that which was not hidden,
go your way.
Now that we are united in
what is inseparable,
go your way.
Now that you have returned to
where you have never left,
go your way.

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