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Lately, I have lamented that I don’t have enough freedom.  I thought to myself — if only circumstances could shift, that alone would grant me my freedom.

I began a process of conscious questioning, starting with the statement — I don’t have enough freedom.

Really, is that true?
How much freedom is enough, and where is the measuring stick?
Is freedom something I own?
Is it a commodity that money can buy?
Will I find it hanging in my closet?
Will it be you who brings me my freedom, or takes it from me?

Or is freedom found within?

Does freedom begin with me, like peace does?

Can I be the freedom I seek?

Can freedom begin at that still small space, where I cease to quarrel with life?

Quotes on personal freedom:

“For you who no longer possess it, freedom is everything, for us who do, it is merely an illusion.” Emil Cioran

“Suffering is a result of arguing with reality. When we believe our thoughts, we suffer, but when we question them, we don’t suffer. Freedom is as simple as that.” Byron Katie

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
Viktor E. Frankl

“True freedom is always spiritual. It has something to do with your innermost being, which cannot be chained, handcuffed, or put into a jail.” OSHO

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Being an animal lover has so many privileges.  Abby, who you see above, doesn’t just come when I call her, she bounds towards me with all the unfettered zest she can muster in that little Corgi body.

It reminds me how much life is meant to be lived like that, but sometimes we as mature adults have an invisible leash we are tethered to.  Some call it rules, but it can come in many forms – fears, judgments, ideas about the way we are supposed to be.  It’s any thing that holds us back from our original unbridled enthusiasm, which we came in with.

Let’s make a deal, you and me, this holiday season we let go of anything that is holding us back.  Let’s unleash that which waits inside us: the wonder, the awe, the innocence, the eagerness.  She or he waits for you, and does not need the perfect moment to be freed.  There is no perfect moment, there is only … right now.

While they pass the bread and butter around the table this Thanksgiving, pass the robust salt of vitality, the ground pepper of courage, hands outstretched now to grasp the generous bowl of enthusiasm, the moist stuffing of contentment, the warmed casserole of encouragement, now pour over it the glad gravy of ease.

Then rest, be lazy, for there is much life still to be lived on the ‘morrow.

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“Whose opinion matters?”

That was this week’s powerful question.   I looked up the definition of opinion: “a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.”

Now realize how many of us have formed our identity or parts of it, based solely on the opinion of another. That’s quite a lot of power given to something lacking in certainty.  This then becomes the inner tyranny of an opinion blindly accepted as reality.  All the more reason why this is an important question: whose opinion matters?

My first point here – an opinion is just that, it’s not truth.  And the second point, we could whittle down all expression as having two basic premises.  One premise is, it’s based in love, and the other is that it’s a crying out for love.  It’s then worth asking – whose opinion matters and which opinion matters?  Is it expressed in love or is it a crying out for love?

Consider ignoring any expression that isn’t founded in love, including your own inner commentary about yourself.  Next time you or I hear that little voice (yours or others) that gives you a little kink in the solar plexus, realize your body just sounded the alarm – you are believing something that is untrue.  And, we hold all the power and the freedom to choose anew.

In today’s atmosphere of politics and freedom, realize there is no greater inner tyranny then to blindly legitimize anyone’s conclusions concerning us.  More important then who is running the country, whose opinion is running us?

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My friend Ahmee wrote this freedom rampage.  I thought it was Abraham’s, that’s how good it is.  Half way through are my additions to the rampage.

I am free to walk this world in peace.

I am free to think nice thoughts about me.

I am free to step into who I know I am.

I am free to eat lightly and powerfully.

I am free to take good care of myself.

I am free to ALLOW ALL OTHERS.

I am free to NOT get all  “up into it, whatever it is, at the moment”.

I am free to be happy, wow.

I am free to think the best of me.

I am FREE to think the BEST of everyone else.

I am free to be a pure beam of me.

I am free to literally not care what others think of me.

I am free to know what pleases me.

I am free to know what I know.

I am free to be strong.

I am free to be clear.

I am free to feel whole wholesome welcomed and GOOD.

I am free to love in the BEST sense of what the word means to me…and a big part of that is allow allow allow.

I am free to start a new journey at ANY moment I choose!

I am free to choose!

I am free to feel safe secure and friendly, to myself and others.

I am free to step up to the plate and choose who I want to be in any moment.

I am free to reach for alignment, no matter where I am!

I am FREE to remember its just a blip on the radar screen.

I am FREE to lighten up.

I am free to look upon myself with ABSOLUTE understanding and compassion.


I love free.

I love feeling free.

I love knowing I can open to it.

I loved writing this.


I love free, too!

I love remembering that love is waiting at the end of every road.  How freeing is that?!

I love remembering it’s just a chapter it’s not the whole story.  I can grok a little more freedom in that.

I love the moment of dropping the armor of being in control and then letting myself just relax and allow something greater to take over on my behalf.  It feels SO freeing.

I love believing that everything always works out for me in the end.

I love knowing that only good lies before me.

I love nudging my fearful self with that little question: What if I could?

I love believing in miracles and knowing they happen every single day to every one of us. I type this now and send it across the world in a matter of seconds.  That’s a miracle.

I love letting myself have freedom today.

I love choices.  I love that I can choose on the side of fear or on the side of faith.

I love being tender with myself when I lean on the side of fear.

I love asking myself: what would love do right now?

I love asking myself: what if it’s all alright?  What if I am alright?  What if we all are?

And lastly – I love the freedom that comes from the ridiculous.  So one final word of wisdom, don’t be concerned if you have not reached this level of wicky-wacky wisdom.  It’s fairly high on the enlightenment level to truly attain this, but give it a try (tongue in cheek humor here):

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”  Now this is the secret to freedom and happiness that trumps all others.  The children know the joy and freedom in nonsense.  Beneath the layers of life and living, WE are those children.

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While out visiting family in Pennsylvania, I found a great store with a huge purse collection and decided it was time for a new purse.  There was much deliberation, read — I was in there forever.  These things do take consideration. It’s practically a marriage, albeit a temporary one, purchasing a new purse.   Finally I settled on one.  It was smaller than what I had been using but so adoreable I just had to have it.  I convinced myself I didn’t need everything that was in my current purse.  Little did I recognize at the time just how much I would have to downsize with this new, small “adoreable” purse.

As I was downsizing and sorting piles of keep this and don’t keep this, I came across an old collection of what I affectionately call “well being cards”.   Those of you who have followed this blog since forever have read a couple of posts related to well being cards.  I was surprised to realize I had been collecting a version of well being cards since my days of trekking over to the Kripula yoga center in the late 90s.  Anyway, my point and I do have one, is this one card I found — it’s Abraham and it really got my attention, it was a keeper for sure.  It reads:

“Focus on what you are flowing instead of what is being flowed to you.”

Later in the week, I had an issue with a relative.  I dubbed her a “taker”.  Since it was me having the issue with her and she’s a taker in my mind, then what does that make me?  A victim.

So now I’ve got my panties in a wad over this and I’m never content to stay there.  I pondered where do I go from here?  Should I make a list of her positive aspects?  Oh no, in that moment, I was so far from being able to genuinely list any positive aspects about her.  That’s when I remembered the quote.  Focus on what you are flowing instead of what is being flowed to you.  The moment I remembered and practiced it, it brought me instant relief.  It led me back to my center.

Reacting to the stuff of life, people and situations is what my teacher calls “too much with the world”.  Too much with the world is a highly reactive stance.  It’s the proverbial blade of grass blowing which ever way the wind blows.  It knocks me off balance every time I allow myself to be too much with the world.  It’s living life from the outside in instead of living it from the inside out.

A reactive response to the world is to give my power away.  Focusing on what I am flowing over what is being flowed to me is an empowering stance.  It is to pull back and reclaim my power.  And so that’s what I practiced.  Then it was easy to see her positive aspects.  I didn’t however, have to sit down and make myself list her positive traits.  It just flowed naturally, once I practiced focusing on what I was flowing.

My husband was upset about something today.  Bless his heart, he doesn’t listen to Abraham or read any of the metaphysical stuff I do but he is always open to it.  I told him about the quote and how I applied it, he also found instant relief.

Remembering a recent quote I posted here from a Carlos Castaneda book: “Before you choose a path, ask yourself if the path has heart.  If it does, it will go well.  If it doesn’t, you’ll destroy it, to start again.”  Living life from the inside out is my path to personal freedom and most definitely a path that has heart.

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for my sister, amy callan


there’s some part of me
that won’t be contained

she rises up while I sleep
skips down the hallway

floats down stairs
and slips out the door

she lives a life unknown to me
hasn’t learned a thing since grade school
couldn’t tell you the time of day or night

but she knows a life well lived
she dances on tables
her hair is never in place

and if you ask her the key to a happy life
she’ll tell you:

fling the doors wide open
on the fire that burns inside you


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What we take to be real is that which we believe is true in our world.  It’s the paint that we apply on our canvas, the clay we mold with, what we identify with.  Often they are identity, I am, statements.  I’m not good at that.  I am tired.  Say it often and you lend agreement to it, you give your consent to it.  State it enough times and you own it.  You effectively marry that version of you.

It’s a good reminder to keep handy, any time you find yourself feeling out of sorts about something to ask yourself – what am I taking to be real right now?  It’s a little way of snapping ourselves out of the story of our own making.  Once you see what you are taking to be real, you can then ask: do I really know this to be true?   Nearly always the answer to that question is – no, I don’t absolutely know this to be true.

With two simple questions you begin to wake up to the dream you are dreaming, the script you are writing, the picture you are painting and from this vantage point you get to choose differently.

Isn’t that such a relief to know?  It’s so simple that it’s easy to forget yet practice it long enough and it will become a welcome habit.

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