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I thought I’d give you all a little introduction into the world of Chinese face reading.  This is what I’m currently studying and taking training in to become a certified practitioner.  It’s an area that I find endlessly fascinating.

The above is an image of a man recently in the news.  He hijacked a Greyhound bus in North Carolina.  To my knowledge, the police are still looking for a motive.  One look at his face and even a novice face reader could tell you this guy didn’t need much of a motive, he was a ticking time bomb.

Notice his eyebrows, now pay particular attention to the left eyebrow.  See how it spikes and arches upwards and significantly so?  This is the mark of an individual who is highly emotionally reactive and impulsive.

It’s a feature you can easily notice about someone.  Someone with this eyebrow pattern and you would want to give careful thought in hiring them for a job.  If this were a potential boss with these eyebrows, think twice about accepting the job.  Potential boyfriend/girlfriend, same thing.  I’m not saying everyone with this eyebrow pattern will hijack a Greyhound bus, I am saying impulsivity and emotional reactivity would be a challenge they confront.

There’s actually a lot that can be learned from a person’s eyebrows.  Someone with eyebrows that are shaped in a straight line, tends to think logically and generally give matters careful consideration before making a decision.  Rounded eyebrows add a little kindness to the person’s interaction with you. Eyebrows close together and this person will be more of an independent individual and won’t need a lot of input from others and won’t necessarily enjoy other’s input either.

Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone, had eyebrows that were close together.  It is said that he pretty well was fed up with politics behind TV and moved on from a very successful show because of said “politics”.

It’s of note also that we live in a world where it’s often said to be male dominated.  The strength of our eyebrows speak to one’s confidence and ability to assert oneself.  Interesting then that many women pluck their eyebrows.  And food for thought, the proverbial question: which came first – the chicken or the egg?

I am currently seeking volunteers in the Seattle and surrounding area for a face read as part of my case studies towards certification.  If you are interested, access me through the “contact me” button in the right hand column, for more information.

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