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Blessings Day 309: remembering today what and who I am serving … am I serving a temporary, time bound, conditioned based label: tired, fearful, sad, happy, weak, strong, worried, anxious, victim, empowered, inadequate, confident, overweight, fat, thin, in shape, out of shape, competitive or non-competitive, smart, savvy, the list goes on….

I was a servant to a number of labels today.

If I am going to be a servant, let it be of Divine Consciousness, a moving, fluid, boundless, timeless, formless, unconditional, eternal consciousness.

And when I return to time bound labels, as I often do, nudge me dear God (but not too hard!), and remind me of my divine purpose … to reflect that I “dwell in the house of the Lord” and *this* is who I really am.

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