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Musings at 5 am


God couldn’t be here himself
so he clothed his Helpers in fur
and sent them to Earth

be soft he said
and they were

lick he said
and they did

purr he said
and they did

love, love, love he said
as if nothing else ever mattered
and o, how they do.


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I struggled a bit choosing which piece to bring you today to celebrate
love on this Valentine’s Day.  I finally settled on this simple and beautiful
poem from Mary Oliver.  Dogs are such givers of unconditional love and
if I were to live by Percy’s advice I suspect I would lead a satisfying and
good life.


Love, love, love says Percy.
And run as fast as you can
along the shining beach, or the rubble, or the dust.
Then, go to sleep.
Give up your body heat, your beating heart.
Then, trust.

~Mary Oliver~
Red Bird: Poems by Mary Oliver

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This is for the lovers of Byron Katie’s work.  A very funny, just over one minute, video of a dog doing The Work.  If you are not familiar with The Work, you can find more videos under ‘The Work in Action’ at her website http://www.thework.com

Her work helps you to see who you would be without your story.  Your story is what The Field Center terms the immersed point of view.  It’s your thoughts about yourself, others and your experiences.  Left unquestioned, these thoughts can lead to suffering.  Field Center and BK’s work have similarities and differences but they have a common goal, to help us end our own personal suffering.

On another video I heard Byron Katie express: positive thinking will hold us on a lighter bed until we can get real, but it’s not enough, we have to get real.  This, I think, is why Abraham’s better feeling thought will only take us so far particularly on things that continue to surface again and again.  These issues that ‘stick in our craw’ call us to make a more thorough and honest inquiry of ourselves – what we are believing and who we are choosing to be so we can access the freedom we have to mindfully choose again.

And now for the lighter side:

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War and Peace






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This is Isabella, our dog.  Affectionately nicknamed Issie.

Isabella has a message for you:

2008-10-08-at-11-48-00-version-2when the going gets tough, the tough get going…

nah, that’s not the message she barks.

This is the message:

when the going gets tough

the tough lay down


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I got in the car with Kayla, my youngest daughter today.  Our cats were living the indignity of eating dog food, it was time for a trip to the store!  To our right was sun and to our left was rain.  I said to Kayla, today is a great day for rainbows and at that very moment I turned my head to the left and what did I see, not one but TWO rainbows and I could see one of them from end to end.  I’ve seen rainbows a couple of times out here max and to have it happen today just after I re-found my alignment on a subject so dear to me was very beautiful to witness.

Anything is possible.  It’s always been that way.  I had a brief time where I had forgotten that I live in a Universe that provides completely and totally.  Now I remember.

Love, Bethie

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Funny, Strange, Amazing and True!

We are animal lovers.  We live in a house with five cats,
one dog, two fish and one guinea pig.

Princess Amber Lynn is our youngest kitty.  Yes, I know she
has three names.  They evolved over time.  :)  She is
such a gorgeous little tortie, so perfect for autumn.
And she is a ‘teenager’ at 19 months old.

So here’s the funny, strange and amazing part:
last night I found Princess nursing on Isabella.  What’s
strange about that?  Princess is not a baby kitty and
Isabella is not pregnant or lactating.  And Isabella is even
younger than Princess at 15 months of age.

Ok, weird but not that weird, right?  But wait…

Isabella is our spayed DOG!!!  I kid you not.  This happened
not once but three times yesterday.  Each attempt that Princess,
the kitty, made to nurse on Isabella, the dog – was met with
mixed responses.  The first nursing episode was the longest.
I went and grabbed the rest of my family to show them.  I knew
they would not believe it unless they saw it.  Isabella finally
scooted her way out of kitty’s reach.  The second time it happened,
I could almost hear Isabella utter an audible groan.  And the third time
it happened, Isabella got up and glared at Princess, as if to say
‘back off boogaloo’.

Yes, strange, funny, amazing and true!  I have no pictures
though, Isabella begged me not to immortalize it on film and I
promised her I would not.  :)

Love, Bethie

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