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My Mother made it known to me before her death, that this was the song she wanted played at her service: Sailing by Christopher Cross.  If you’ve never heard it just click on the link below and after the first few notes, I think you will be hard pressed to click off of it.  This song defined the early 80s adult soft rock genre, and it is absolutely beautiful.

I planned on playing the song at the burial site.  However, in my mildly hungover state, I’d forgotten it.  And, “mild” is putting it lightly.  I had been to my Mom’s viewing the night before and was literally drowning my sorrows that night.  I don’t like viewings and haven’t been to one since.  So if you are having a viewing and you’re a friend of mine, know that I won’t be there!

My husband of the decade (that’s a whole ‘nuther blog) ran and got the music for us.  When we played it, there was not a dry eye to be found among us, including the minister officiating at the burial.  It still brings a tear to hear it again.

In another modality that I study, Chinese Face Reading, you might expect to see the water element present in someone who wrote a song about sailing.  So it’s no surprise to see evidence of that in this video.  Note the large rounded forehead, the strong chin and the soft neck, or what amounts to a “soft” jaw line which just seems to meld into the neck.

So now you, too, know a little about Chinese Face Reading.  Note that the water element is a very wise energy, often very creative.  If you, too, have a strong chin you have some water and you have the will to plow through anything when necessary; you might be a tad stubborn, too.  If you have a rounded forehead, ideas and inspiration just seem to come to you, you don’t know how, it just does.  Depending on your other facial features, you might not be happy in the standard 9-5 clock punching life.  You may be a writer, a dancer, or a musician, to name a few things.

Also of note, if you read the lyrics below, he writes of dreams and fantasy.  Water element directly relates to dreams and fantasy.  There is even a “dreamy” quality about someone who is very watery.  You’ll see it in their eyes and you’ll see it in the way they move through life.  They may take a while in conversation to get to the point, they flow, they do not move in straight, linear lines.  They don’t keep time well either, so if someone arrives late chronically, look for water element.  It’s either in the face or in their birth date, which relates to their 9 star ki.  And that, too, is a whole ‘nuther blog!

I hope you enjoy hearing “Sailing”, be it for the first time or re-visiting it after many years.

Well, it’s not far down to paradise
At least it’s not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away
Find tranquility
Oh, the canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me

It’s not far to never never land
No reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy
Of innocence again
Oh, the canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
You’ll believe me

Takes me away
To where I’ve always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

It gets the best of me
When I’m sailing
All caught up in the reverie
Every word is a symphony
Won’t you believe me

Well, it’s not far back to sanity
At least it’s not for me
And when the wind is right you can sail away
Find serenity
Oh, the canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Then you’ll believe me

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“I could care less.”  It’s an interesting phrase, isn’t it?  Often used as sort of a flippant response to information that you’ve just received.   But the actual words contradict the intention behind uttering them.  In essence, one is actually saying that you *could* care less.  And this is where I begin, in caring too much and caring less.

Within the system of the Chinese Elements, there is the element of earth, yin and yang earth.  Yin earth is the archetype of Mother.  It’s the mother’s job to care, to nurture and to support.  This is a big part of who I am, yin earth, it’s in my core destiny, which is revealed in my birth date via the 9 star ki.  It’s also revealed in the shapes and curves of my particular facial features.

Every element has a front and a back, challenges and strengths.  We don’t get to choose just the strengths, but we do get to choose how we evolve through both the strengths and challenges.

Among the Mother’s or yin earth’s challenges:  caring too much to the point of excessive worry, worst case scenario type thinking, meddling in other people’s right and responsibility to figure things out for themselves, and trouble with just saying no sans the – omg, I said no, what will they think of me now – guilt hangover.  If I’m being completely frank here, welcome to my world!

My girl friend told me she was starting a 30 day process of caring less.  Caring less, is not to be without caring, but to care without the suffering.  This really piqued my interest.  When she feels overtly concerned about something, she tells herself – she could care less about this, and then finds and inhabits the feeling place in the body of caring less.  I would add breathe into the feeling place as if it’s a gentle wave lifting you up and carrying you into that sweet place of relief.

The next morning after she and I talked, I woke up and lay in bed.  This seems to be a time when I most kick into worry, worst-case scenario mode, followed by how-can-I-fix-this mode.  Truth is 99% of my worst-case scenario thinking a) either never comes true or b) is what 12 step calls stinkin’ thinkin’.  It’s just not true, period.  The other truth, if there’s any fixing to be done, unless I’ve got the power to spin the planets today (I checked, I don’t) get out of the way and let something far greater than me, reveal the greater picture.

And that leads me back to what I did that morning of worry.  I said to myself, I could care less, took a deep breath and imagined myself as if I was a camera with my focus up as close as it could possibly be.  Then I brought the focus back, back, back, as far as it could get.  Here, I could breathe even easier.

Another friend of mine once explained it as looking at a beautiful quilt hanging on a wall. Walk up to it and press your nose into one tiny square of that quilt, the beauty is lost in a blur, your nose hurts and you can’t breathe very well either :). Step back several feet and you can see the entire image of that tapestry we call life, clearly.

That tapestry is what’s mine and mine alone to live and experience. It’s as unique as my fingerprint and it has my fingerprints all over it. And something else is all over it, the hands of Divine Wisdom, carrying me every step of the way, even when I think I’m the only one with my hands on the levers of life.

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1.   yeah, so having a dangling waddle (not to be confused with dangling participle)
2.   actually means comfort in old age in Chinese Face Reading
3.   so good to know, guess I’m keeping it
4.   because it’s the sacred calligraphy of my soul
5.   yeah, so waddles are sacred
6.   and on Ally McBeal they were hot and sexy
8.   rolling on the floor laughing my waddle on (as opposed to off … remember it’s a keeper, not a creeper)
9.   yeah, so this little ode to a waddle has been brought to you by
10. Bethie!
11. you, too, can rock a waddle
12. almost like me
13. :)
14. yeah, I know, you gotta love me
15. and I love you, too
16. xo
17. if I made you smile, tips are appreciated
18. :)

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I thought I’d give you all a little introduction into the world of Chinese face reading.  This is what I’m currently studying and taking training in to become a certified practitioner.  It’s an area that I find endlessly fascinating.

The above is an image of a man recently in the news.  He hijacked a Greyhound bus in North Carolina.  To my knowledge, the police are still looking for a motive.  One look at his face and even a novice face reader could tell you this guy didn’t need much of a motive, he was a ticking time bomb.

Notice his eyebrows, now pay particular attention to the left eyebrow.  See how it spikes and arches upwards and significantly so?  This is the mark of an individual who is highly emotionally reactive and impulsive.

It’s a feature you can easily notice about someone.  Someone with this eyebrow pattern and you would want to give careful thought in hiring them for a job.  If this were a potential boss with these eyebrows, think twice about accepting the job.  Potential boyfriend/girlfriend, same thing.  I’m not saying everyone with this eyebrow pattern will hijack a Greyhound bus, I am saying impulsivity and emotional reactivity would be a challenge they confront.

There’s actually a lot that can be learned from a person’s eyebrows.  Someone with eyebrows that are shaped in a straight line, tends to think logically and generally give matters careful consideration before making a decision.  Rounded eyebrows add a little kindness to the person’s interaction with you. Eyebrows close together and this person will be more of an independent individual and won’t need a lot of input from others and won’t necessarily enjoy other’s input either.

Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone, had eyebrows that were close together.  It is said that he pretty well was fed up with politics behind TV and moved on from a very successful show because of said “politics”.

It’s of note also that we live in a world where it’s often said to be male dominated.  The strength of our eyebrows speak to one’s confidence and ability to assert oneself.  Interesting then that many women pluck their eyebrows.  And food for thought, the proverbial question: which came first – the chicken or the egg?

I am currently seeking volunteers in the Seattle and surrounding area for a face read as part of my case studies towards certification.  If you are interested, access me through the “contact me” button in the right hand column, for more information.

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Earlier in the month I was in the midst of an intensive 6 day training in Sourthern California.  This was part one of three parts leading to certification as a Chinese Face Reader.  It’s a subject I find fascinating, to say the least, and so does Louise Hay!  She has said that it’s the most exciting material she’s come across in the last 15 years.  If you are curious about Chinese Face Reading, click on the Wisdom of Your Face link in the right hand column of this blog under Favorite Things.

In the middle of training I thought, “I can’t do this” and I’ve armed myself with a litany of reasons detailing why I can’t!  There’s 60,000 facts about the face I must commit to memory.  Ok, that’s only a slight exaggeration, it feels like 60,000!   I’m supposed to be in my heart not my head to be a face reader.  Ok, that settles it, I can’t do it!  My spirit sunk with that notion.  Pack your bags, Bethie, because you cannot do this.

But wait, then I remembered the weekly powerful question I’d received that week.  These are questions I sit with, I don’t answer them immediately, instead I roll the question around like a shiny penny in my hand, feeling first around the edges of it.  So, what was the weekly powerful question, you ask?!  It was very simply: “What if I could?”

What if I could?  Here I was all bound up in I can’t do this, no way, no how.  I then recall — what if I could? — and instantly I am drawn into the life giving expansiveness of potential.  What if I could?  What if I asked that question of all my doubts and all my “I can’ts”.

I think I love it the most because I am not trying to convince myself I can.  Yes I can, feels like a quantum leap that I have to convince myself into and this also has the flavor of tight, contracted and all bound up.  But entertaining a “what if I could” is just a little, tiny, infinitesimal turn of the dial in the affirmative direction.  So small a step that lifts me up and out of my own gray prison walls and into the brightness of possibility and potential.

What if I could?  It’s a deep breath of fresh air.  A little question to ponder and there, right there, is the wide open receptive spaces of freedom.  Ok then, maybe I can :).

*Image I took at Carlsbad Beach, California, where my training was held.

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I’m back!  So I’ve been to a Wisdom of Your Face retreat for 5 days and it was truly transformational.  I have to tell everyone in the new age community who loves learning about new models of thought, check this out.  You may have not seen anything like this.  Louise Hay and the author of The Wisdom of Your Face, Jean Haner are collaborating on a book together.  Louise Hay, herself, has said this is the most fascinating material she has come across in the last 10 or 15 years.  Pretty amazing stuff, if it’s impressing Louise Hay.

Now for the big news.  This retreat took place in a mountain lodge up in the majestic Cascade mountains of Washington state.  There were less than two dozen of us and guess who was there?  OMG!!  Louise Hay!  I was so starstruck and I even told her so, among other things.  Her gracious reply to me was, “I’m just a person”.  Yes, just a person who happens to be one of the forerunners in the new age community for the late 20th century.  Just a person who is the mother of affirmations.  Just a person who has influenced, inspired and motivated millions of people. Wow!

I have some notes from Louise for all of you that are appended below.  I agree with Louise (look, I’m already on a first name basis with her :), this is the most exciting material I’ve recently come across.  It’s the next modality I will be studying.  I won’t be able to share much from it right now because it is highly specialized.  However, if there is anyone who can distill and simplify material and make it user friendly, it’s me.  If you would like to get a taste of what the material is about, visit the website link above and consider signing up for the newsletter.  I believe she adds celebrity face readings to those.

First I’d like to blend two ideas, one from Louise the other from Jean the author.  Louise talked about living a life of making decisions.  She is 83, she began this decade deciding that her 80s would be the best decade of her life.  She looks and acts as if she is living it.  So the power is in the decision, simple and clear.  What Jean adds to this is the idea of making tiny decisions or tiny changes incrementally that add up to an eventual tipping point.

Let’s use an example: you feel stuck in your life, want new things to flow in.  Consider making a tiny decision to clear out a drawer or the top of a closet.  Next week or every other week clear out a little more clutter.  When we release things we no longer need, it frees up space to bring new energy into our life.  That’s just one example, apply this to anything you want to enhance or change in your life.  Do you love being around people but find yourself stuck indoors a lot, perhaps you even isolate yourself.  Go downtown or into town, where there are people around, make eye contact with them, pick up some friendly conversation with the store clerk, for instance.  Is your life busy, busy, busy, constantly on the go?  Are you exhausted as a result?  What tiny thing can you do to replenish yourself?  Could you go to bed 30 minutes earlier?  Could you knock off a few minutes on your workout routine just to sit and breathe mindfully?  Tiny decisions, tiny changes, incrementally add up to a tipping point.

The notes I took from Louise Hay’s short talk:

Make decisions about how your life will unfold.
Do mirror work – say in the mirror every day, no matter how uncomfortable it feels at first: I love you.  I really love you.
Affirmations:  All is well.  Only good lies before me.
What you put in your body in terms of choice of thoughts and choice of food determines the quality of your life.
When faced with a challenging situation, LH will say this 300x a day if necessary:

All is well.
Everything is working out for my highest good.
And out of this experience, only good will come.
I am safe.

She gave us a well being card with that last affirmation on it.  I have it autographed!  Goosebumps over here!

Those of you in Chicago and the West Coast are in for a treat because that’s where Jean Haner usually does her work.  Check out the website, if she’s at a bookstore near you doing a face reading, go, go, go!  I promise you if learning something new lights you up, you will not regret it.

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