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Musings at 5 am


God couldn’t be here himself
so he clothed his Helpers in fur
and sent them to Earth

be soft he said
and they were

lick he said
and they did

purr he said
and they did

love, love, love he said
as if nothing else ever mattered
and o, how they do.


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cateatingpaperSeveral years ago one of my beloved cats died.  Her name was Nellie and she lived to be 21 years old.  She had the odd habit of eating paper and perhaps that added to her longevity :).  I’ll never know for certain.  One day I had to send my daughter to school with a note: the cat ate my homework.  No joke.  I’m not sure that the teacher ever believed us though.

Now we have Bob, our little white furred blue eyed one – not so little anymore!  And guess what?  He likes to eat paper, too! I was eye-ing my stack of trays where I keep papers.  I’d already hidden the papers on a lower tray where he couldn’t get to them. The only thing left on the top tray was one of those thick manila folders.  And by gosh, he chewed that too :).  Well it led me to actually take a look in that folder and I opened up a veritable treasure trove of goodies.  I found notes from old Abraham workshops, tons of quotes and a few things friends had written and some that I had written.

I belong to a small Internet group of gal pals.  Our common link was/is an interest in Abraham and metaphysical/consciousness studies.  About 3 years ago a few of my gal pals were having a rough go of it and I found this in that chewed up folder which I wrote to them to give them some comfort.  Perhaps it will bring comfort to anyone who is asking for it today.

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I don’t have all the answers right this minute, but my Source does

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I can ask for help anytime I want

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I’m not in this alone

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

The Universe is on my side and so am I

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I can be gentle with myself even when I’m in funkytown, even when I don’t feel good

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I can be gentle with myself especially then

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I have people who love me, who hold the Light for me, cheer me on and root for me

Isn’t it a comfort to know…

I’ve been near this neighborhood before and I’ve been lost a time or two but I always, always find my way back Home

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what is the purpose of the sun?

my cat’s perspective:

the porpoise of the sun
yes, pun intended
we like fish

back to the porpoise of the sun

is to lay
stretched out
no cares

the sun is for my people to give up their
worries to
so they come and love and snuggle up
next to me

ah, sun


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What a Wonderful World

There are a lot of youtube vidoes out there dedicated to this one song,
immortalized by Louis Armstrong.  This one was uploaded just a couple
of weeks ago and already has nearly 3 million hits.  This is dedicated to
all of you animal and nature lovers and those who stand for peace and
harmony and fellowship of all.  You may need a little tissue to catch the
happy tears for this short, precious video:

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War and Peace






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This is Bob formerly known as Allie. The girl cat that we discovered is a boy cat!
Isn’t he handsome? And it’s official, Bob is as white as snow. Yes, the Seattle
area has had enough snow to determine that. I won’t bemoan our fate though,
I know some of you have much more snow. Nevermind that I’ve been snow
bound for a week straight – nope I’m not going to whine. Much. :))
Love, Bethie

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Nevermind…she says in her best Gilda Radner-esque voice.

That’s Allie the new kitty you see all ensconced in her new pink home.  You know, pink for girls and Allie a girl’s name.

A visit to the vet today revealed that Allie is a boy!!  Ok, that’s a first for me, get a girl kitty and it turns out to be a boy.  We like boys.  Allie, we are sorry for any gender confusion this may have caused you in your tender early days.  What shall we call you now…Alabaster?  Back to the drawing board.  :)

Love, Bethie

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Pet A Cat


Well you know how Abraham encourages us to chill out and pet a cat?  I don’t know if it’s my hearing or what but I get slightly confused.  Somehow I think they are actually saying chill out and ‘get’ a cat.  After all they sound the same, it’s only one consonant difference, right?  :)

So now meet the new addition to our family – Allie.  Isn’t she adoreable?!  She’s pure white with blue eyes.  Here she is sleeping in the bed that Kayla, my youngest has made for her.

Right now she’s resting in a room separate from all the other animals that I’ve gotten, since I’ve done quite a bit of chillin’ and gettin’.  :)  Soon she will meet the rest of her new family.

Meanwhile when she wakes up, we’ve got little ribbons tied and dangling for her to play with.  Welcome to your new home Allie – sleep tight.  All is well.

Love, Bethie

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I got in the car with Kayla, my youngest daughter today.  Our cats were living the indignity of eating dog food, it was time for a trip to the store!  To our right was sun and to our left was rain.  I said to Kayla, today is a great day for rainbows and at that very moment I turned my head to the left and what did I see, not one but TWO rainbows and I could see one of them from end to end.  I’ve seen rainbows a couple of times out here max and to have it happen today just after I re-found my alignment on a subject so dear to me was very beautiful to witness.

Anything is possible.  It’s always been that way.  I had a brief time where I had forgotten that I live in a Universe that provides completely and totally.  Now I remember.

Love, Bethie

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Funny, Strange, Amazing and True!

We are animal lovers.  We live in a house with five cats,
one dog, two fish and one guinea pig.

Princess Amber Lynn is our youngest kitty.  Yes, I know she
has three names.  They evolved over time.  :)  She is
such a gorgeous little tortie, so perfect for autumn.
And she is a ‘teenager’ at 19 months old.

So here’s the funny, strange and amazing part:
last night I found Princess nursing on Isabella.  What’s
strange about that?  Princess is not a baby kitty and
Isabella is not pregnant or lactating.  And Isabella is even
younger than Princess at 15 months of age.

Ok, weird but not that weird, right?  But wait…

Isabella is our spayed DOG!!!  I kid you not.  This happened
not once but three times yesterday.  Each attempt that Princess,
the kitty, made to nurse on Isabella, the dog – was met with
mixed responses.  The first nursing episode was the longest.
I went and grabbed the rest of my family to show them.  I knew
they would not believe it unless they saw it.  Isabella finally
scooted her way out of kitty’s reach.  The second time it happened,
I could almost hear Isabella utter an audible groan.  And the third time
it happened, Isabella got up and glared at Princess, as if to say
‘back off boogaloo’.

Yes, strange, funny, amazing and true!  I have no pictures
though, Isabella begged me not to immortalize it on film and I
promised her I would not.  :)

Love, Bethie

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