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soft breeze warm sunshine

the same calm

even the withered trees

on the dark cliff

are blossoming

I tried to find

where Subhuti*


but suddenly in the shadow

of mist and fog

the path split a thousand ways.

~ Muso Soseki ~
Music of the Sky: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry

*Subhūti was one of the Ten Great Śrāvakas of Śākyamuni Buddha, and foremost in the understanding of emptiness.

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Bethie’s back!  I have just returned from a several day training in Carlsbad, California.  This is the third year in a row that I’ve trekked down to Carlsbad for workshops.  I absolutely love it there!

I am ever so busy plunging myself back into life.  So, indulge me one more time as I re-post below, “Buddha Goes Surfing”,  the inspiration that came from my very first visit there…

I just wanted to briefly share how much I loved watching the surfers at Carlsbad beach.  I found myself quite entranced by the whole dance of surfing.  I watched how they moved in towards a wave and I began to see how surfing moved in stages.  It seemed first there was the anticipation of the wave and then choosing where to be with it.  I noted the expectation, the planning, all the way through riding the wave.  What one might call the stage of fruition or in some cases non-fruition.

It struck me how this is really a metaphor of how everything moves and develops in life.  The stages of anticipation, the planning, then carrying out the plans, the doing and finally culminating in fruition or non-fruition.  This is how we buy a house, those new shoes, that new car.  These are the stages in how we accept a new job or even interview for one.  It’s the cycles of that project at work.  This is how a garden grows and so much more.  It’s essentially how everything is created and developed.

In light of that, fruition or non-fruition doesn’t really matter because there is ALWAYS another wave!  And knowing this we can move in the flow and let the current carry us along; we don’t have to buck that current.

By the way, didn’t you just love the title of this piece?!  Yup, tell your friends you read the news here first: Buddha Goes Surfing and his message to all — all is well, no worries, go with the flow because there is always, always another wave.

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This is about a 17 minute video, but you could listen to the first five minutes and get the heart of the message.  If you make it all the way to the end, the story he tells, well, not a chance you could listen to it and not be moved upon.

“There is no need to know anything,
only look in the eyes of the Beloved.”  ~ Mooji


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This video is stunning, exquisite and mesmerizing.  So many of my very favorites quoted here with an ethereal musical accompaniment.  This is a glimpse of heaven as it is on earth.  Watch and feel yourself coming Home to yourself, that inner place of pure grounded clarity and radiance.  It’s ten minutes short :).  If you can’t take the time to watch it today, consider bookmarking it and come back to it again — or bookmark it anyway, and save it for a “rainy” day.

Many thanks to Miriam Evers for posting it on FB.  Infinite gratitude to “kwisital” for the creation of this video.  I could possibly spend all day watching all of your videos.

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