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A couple of hundred days ago, I decided I would affirm my daily blessings on Facebook.  Although they may not always be statements of gratitude, they are a means of bookmarking and honoring the day with the language of love.  Here is today’s blessing:

Today is day 1 of having executed two major decisions.

Is my energy completely pure around these decisions?


Is it the path of my heart?


Am I committed?

Hell, yes.

Do I have the guidance and wisdom of Spirit to lean on as I journey this path?


Allow me to continue trusting in that, even if Life takes a turn through the “wrong neighborhood”.

Then remind me what I came here knowing: there are no wrong neighborhoods.

“First love, then think
First love, then speak 
First love, then look
First love, then act
First love, then choose
First love, then give
First love, then live”
Robert Holden

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I still stub my toe on the way to cake.  This was a story we heard from Abraham on one of their cruises.  During this cruise, it was Esther’s birthday.  She’d gone to bed for the night, when a knock came to her door.  Stumbling her way to the door in the dark, she stubbed her toe.  Ouch!  Upon opening the door, to her surprise, there was a birthday cake sent in her honor!

And so came the phrase – I still stub my toe on the way to cake.  It’s a way of saying we are always on our way to cake, we are always on the perfect path for us at the moment, and we just might stub our toe along the way.   It’s a softer, lighter means of making peace with the contrast that every one experiences at some time or another.

It was in my own dreams last night that the stub my toe phrase came back to me.  I had gone somewhere deep in the mountains for a retreat, many of us had gathered there.  The catch was your only way in and thus your only way out, was on foot.

The retreat is over and people try to hook up with others for the long trek back to our own homes.  It’s a circuitous route, easy to get lost and it’s fraught with snakes and wild life, best to not make the trip on foot alone.

This difficult route alone with snakes and wild life seems to be a metaphor for the contrast, the challenges we find ourselves amidst in life.

We are carrying all our belongings on our back.  I am traveling unusually lightly.  Ha, going into this year with less baggage perhaps!  High five for Bethie!  My companions are carrying much more and I think I should take some of their baggage, which is so like me to want to help and take on others stuff in the process.  Yet I shock myself, I don’t take their stuff on.  And as it happens, they begin to unwittingly drop their own baggage as they move further towards home.

Another beautiful metaphor, may we all drop our baggage as we travel home.  Home, as in who we really are, is by its very nature without all the baggage including the measuring stick of how well we’ve done in life, etc.

Next in the dream, we come to a point where we must walk a tight rope and below us is a sea of snakes.  We are crossing the tightrope when a literal paradise of flowers, in every shape and color begins blooming all around us.  The tightrope disappears and we are home again.

I realized then that garden was just like the birthday cake Esther received.  And I saw further that the point isn’t the contrast, it isn’t the challenges.   The point isn’t in stubbing the toe, or walking the tightrope. No, it’s remembering to enjoy the process no matter how challenging it is.  It’s remembering to see the beauty no matter how bad things look.  It’s a reminder that it’s always, always there.

It’s just that we get this tunnel vision that this or that sucks and we want out of it now, pronto, yesterday.  The way out starts with the little gifts, surprises that come knocking at our doorways in a plethora of ways, so plentiful you could not name or count them all in a day.

Consider spending a moment or more lingering inside the blessings bestowed upon you each and every day.

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Today’s Affirmation

Today may I know deeply

the blessing I offer

in this world

just in being myself


May I also know and recognize

in every instant the Universe

continually beams blessings upon me.

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Having worked with the 30 day blessing way challenge the last several days, I find that I can’t honestly come by “it’s all a blessing”.  Whether I know what the blessing is or defer judgment on it, my heart just isn’t going along for the ride.  But here is what I can honestly come by — I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  How do I know that?  I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be because this is where I am!  It’s as simple as that.  So here I am and I don’t like nor want everything about where I am right now.  What am I supposed to do about it?  Analyze it, change it, fix it, shift it, intend it differently or my old fall back, blame myself.  No, no, none of that.

Supposing instead I meet the moment with — I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be?  What if I met all my moments with I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be?  Haven’t I been writing about this all along?  It’s all ok and I’m ok.  Didn’t I say I was giving myself carte blanche to have it all?  Didn’t I say it’s ok to have nightmares?  I did, I do, and I have.  I also said: bring it on!  So the Universe has upped the ante and brought it on.  Ok, so who are you now, Bethie?

Byron Katie calls it loving what is.  I’m not loving what is, I’m loving me and making peace with what is.

Recently I watched the finale for a TV show entitled Flash Forward.  It’s the only show I remember seeing that dealt specifically with consciousness.  The question it explored was, is it free will or is it fate, or is it some combination of both.  Unfortunately the show’s been cancelled but it left behind a message that really said it all to me and I quote it below:

“Sometimes what happens in the world makes us forget. You choose what’s next and you’ll wind up right where you’re supposed to be.”

No right, no wrong — meeting each moment without resistance.  Who am I now?  This is who I am — meeting each moment with an open, receptive heart knowing I am *exactly* where I am supposed to be.

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Image by Bethie

Well let’s see what Bethie is going to get at the store today.  Hmmm, bread and milk plus discount herself and play small.  What?  What crazy, mixed up kind of a shopping list is this?

Let me explain.  It all started with the 30 day blessing challenge.  I loved affirming “I am so blessed” but was choking on “I am a blessing to the world”.  Well not exactly choking but it didn’t have a wholehearted ring of truth to it.  I could easily say “We are all a blessing to the world” but single myself out, nuh uh, I wasn’t buying it.

I had a talk with myself about that and while I wasn’t exactly willing to accept that I am a blessing to the world, I was willing to suspend judgment about it.  I wondered what would it look like if I played the role of someone who had the confidence to say whatever she wanted to say about herself.   I decided then to try on some of these roles, different identities.  Try them on for size.  I would ask myself which clothes would this identity wear, how would she walk, how would she talk, would she emphasize certain words over others, would her voice be louder or softer?  How would she interact with her children, her pets, others?  I even put different music on to reflect this new identity I was trying on.

Later it hit me, I am always playing a role whether I’m conscious of it or not.  In the consciousness as cause model, the Field responds/corresponds to whatever role I am modeling at the moment.  The Field is pure receptivity, it only says yes.  Part and parcel of the Field’s yes is to bring me situations and people that will reflect what’s on my list.  This explains what Anais Nin has said, that life doesn’t happen to us but *through* us, as it corresponds or says yes to whoever we are being and what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

Next I began to think of life in terms of a shopping list.  Every day I make out a shopping list for the Field by way of who I choose to be that day, the role I choose to model.  What is choking on the words, I am a blessing to the world, but discounting myself and playing small?  So to graphically illustrate that, I made the shopping list you see in the above image.  Milk and bread, discount myself and play small.  And the Field goes out and brings me back the goods on my list because it only knows YES.  Ok, I’ve got all the milk and bread I need but I’ve decided I don’t want the rest of those goods anymore!

Wow, I have to tell you this little shopping list insight was such an eye opener for me.  It put it in very concrete terms so that I really got it on a visceral level that this is what I’m doing.  I was gobsmacked to say the least.  It really makes me take pause what I want to put on my shopping list.  The Field is all ears and eyes and saying yes to it all.  There is no time off from consciousness.  Is turning down the volume on my muchness really what I want to order?

How about all that other stuff that can make its way on any list: too fat, not good enough, too much work that I “have to” do, tired, stressed, scarcity and lack, and so on.  Is that what any of us really want to order today or any day?

And yet, nothing changes if nothing changes.  It’s not enough to change my shopping list, I have to be that change and the Field then says yes to that.

So I’m back to the drawing board of who do I want to be today.  What role shall I try on today and ever mindful that whatever it is I am essentially placing my order for exactly that.  And remembering one more thing, that Life is my playground.   Ground in which to play, mix it up, build castles, tear them down and start all over again.  I get to play dress up and try on new roles, listen to music I wouldn’t normally put on, play with new ways of talking and walking and relating to others.

As long as it’s lighthearted and playful, count me in.  Ah, well then, that’s today’s shopping list.  I’m ordering lighthearted and playful.  And the Field says: yes, your majesty.  Well, my Field says that.  How about you?  What’s on your shopping list today?

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Image by Bethie

I am taking this 30 day challenge and naming it a period of scattering seeds of blessings.  Who wants to do it with me?

Accept the 30-day “Blessing Way Challenge”

To accept this challenge, make a commitment to following these four steps for a period of not less than 30 days:

1. I will suspend all judgment and will, instead, bless every person and situation I encounter, both those I physically meet and those that simply come to mind.

2. I will actively search for the blessing in every circumstance and in those times when none can be found, I will trust that the blessing will be revealed when the time is right.

3. I will daily express an attitude of gratitude, for all the blessings in my life, even those I cannot see.

4. Whenever I feel stressed, pressed or confused, I will take a Blessing Breather, quieting my mind for a moment and focusing only on my breath, breathing deeply and slowly. With each inhalation, I will mentally affirm “I am so blessed” and with each exhalation, I will mentally affirm “I am a blessing to the world,” repeating the process at least three times and allowing my body to relax completely before returning to the task at hand.

I understand that in accepting this challenge, there is a distinct possibility that my life will be forever changed for the better.

I am willing to take the risk.


I love all of this.  No. 2 is a good opportunity to practice the principle of “who knows what’s good, what’s bad”.  For those of you who have read the blog post here of the same name, this is the message behind an ancient Taoist parable.  Also, as my teacher says: sometimes the Field goes left to go right.  Who knows what the Field/Universe/God/Source/Spirit is up to — what surprises, blessings or hidden gifts await us that are clothed in the costume of a challenge or difficulty.  And at the end of this 30 days who knows what’s in store, who knows how we may be transformed by scattering seeds of blessings.

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