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Planet Autumn

Sometimes I wish I could drive inside of autumn, not up to it, not to its borders, not by it, not near it, not walking through it, but *IN* it.  I want to enter the autumnal world; surely it has its own planet.  This world where there is only autumn and I just let it surround and engulf me.

Here, the richness and layers of yellows, and golds, and reds, and burgundies and oranges and so many shades in between.  The light slanting down on the colors just so; it will make your heart weep.  This perfect beautiful, striking, flaming world where there is no concern about the stock market, occupying Wall Street, today’s economy, Obama’s gray hair.  Ha!  My gray hair!

My utopian autumnal world does exist.  I know, for a brief moment today I was there.

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