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This morning I ponder, shower first or book?  A luxurious place to start either way.  I look over the stacks of books by my bedside and wonder – do I want to forget or do I want to remember?  Code for chick lit fiction or metaphysics.  I decide, I want to remember and find it in a bonding moment with Tigger, of all things.  It seems Tigger and I have a few things in common.

“The final problem we might mention about the Tigger Tendency is that the worthwhile and important things in life—wisdom and happiness in particular—are simply not the sorts of things one can Chase After and Grab.  They are instead the sorts of things that come to us where we are, if we let them—if we stop trying too hard and just let things happen as they need to.  Tigger found this out when he discovered What Tiggers Like Best…” The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff

I found, one day years ago, that the simple appreciation for an upright, green blade of grass turned my heart’s gaze towards What Bethies Like Best and then I forgot it, so I could remember it ever more fondly today.


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