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1.   yeah, so having a dangling waddle (not to be confused with dangling participle)
2.   actually means comfort in old age in Chinese Face Reading
3.   so good to know, guess I’m keeping it
4.   because it’s the sacred calligraphy of my soul
5.   yeah, so waddles are sacred
6.   and on Ally McBeal they were hot and sexy
8.   rolling on the floor laughing my waddle on (as opposed to off … remember it’s a keeper, not a creeper)
9.   yeah, so this little ode to a waddle has been brought to you by
10. Bethie!
11. you, too, can rock a waddle
12. almost like me
13. :)
14. yeah, I know, you gotta love me
15. and I love you, too
16. xo
17. if I made you smile, tips are appreciated
18. :)

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