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The words below in quotes are by US Andersen and adapted by Kelly Howell from “The Secret Meditation”.  My comments are sprinkled throughout in italics:

“I know that I am pure in spirit and that I always have been and always will be.”

Breathe in, I am pure in spirit.  Empty the breath into a golden pool immersing you in pure spirit.  Feel what it means to say and feel this about yourself: I am pure in spirit.  Honor whatever comes up and breathe with it.  From the time you were a mere “seed”, you were pure in spirit.  This is a Universal Truth that is an unending, never changing, constant. 

“I am one with Universal Mind and I know this mind is perfect and I may rely upon it for guidance in all of my affairs.”

I am not alone.  I was never really alone, though I could pretend otherwise.  When puzzled for answers, I needn’t try to figure things out all on my own.  I can ask for Divine Guidance at any time.  It is always available to me.  The answers come when I rest in the quiet, open, receptive places.  Actually they come no matter what, but I can’t hear them if I’m not in receiving mode.

“I rely upon this power for guidance in all of my affairs.  I know and recognize my one-ness with all things.  I know that all form and all circumstance are the creation of an Infinite Intelligence that is within and around me.”

By relying upon this power, it leaves my mortal mind with nothing to figure out.  Relying on this power means faith and trust are my constant guides.  Beyond mere words, trust and faith, is the umbilical cord that keeps me continuously connected to Divine Infinite Intelligence.  I take action now when the prompt comes from within, inspired action.

“I know my purpose in life is to reach ever upward and outward to expand in knowledge, and love and unity.  I place my future in Divine hands.  I turn over each problem of my life to that great All Knowing mind to which all things are possible.”

“I am merged with the infinite power of love that surges through me.  The limits and inhibitions of my past are gone and each day is a new birth, another step on my journey towards one-ness with God.  I do not seek, I know.  I do not strive for I am guided.”

How can one not be seduced by: I am merged with the Infinite Power of Love that surges through me?  Doesn’t it make you want to drop everything right now, be still and breathe that precious life giving breath and melt into the arms of Divine Love?  Certain now you are renewed forever lying here, resolve to remember this and return the moment should you ever forget.

This I must repeat:

“The limits and inhibitions

of my past are gone

and each day is a new birth,

another step on my journey

towards one-ness with God.

I do not seek, I know.

I do not strive for I am guided.”

I hope you all enjoyed the writing of US Andersen, Kelly Howell and my comments today.  It moved me to tears.  I plan on printing it, so I can carry it around in my back pocket.

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This week’s inquiry (followed by song lyrics, which I originally heard in a Science of Mind church):

What waits for my courage?

Let me fall
Let me climb
There’s a moment when fear
And dreams must collide

Someone I am
Is waiting for courage
The one I want
The one I will become
Will catch me

So let me fall
If I must fall
I won’t heed your warnings
I won’t hear them

Let me fall
If I fall
Though the phoenix may
Or may not rise

I will dance so freely
Holding on to no one
You can hold me only
If you too will fall
Away from all these
Useless fears and chains

Someone I am
Is waiting for my courage
The one I want
The one I will become
Will catch me

So let me fall
If I must fall
I won’t heed your warnings
I won’t hear

Let me fall
If I fall
There’s no reason
To miss this one chance
This perfect moment
Just let me fall

Cirque du Soleil lyrics
Album: Quidam

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It takes a lot to move me out the door on a Sunday morning to go to church.  As far as I’d thought, church wasn’t contained within four walls.  I live in God’s country, we all do.  I’m especially fond of the Church of the Great Blue Herons or the Church of the Mighty Redwoods.  Church is everywhere, and yes, sometimes it’s even within four walls.

I have found the most dynamic, passionate, engaging, all inclusive church at the Genesis Global Spiritual Center.  This is a Science of Mind based church steeped in Ernest Holmes and New Thought teachings, as well as ancient wisdom.  It’s brimming with God and love, foot stomping, hand clapping music and it reaches into the depths of you, culls the very best, the wholeness that you already are and always were.

The Reverend Charles Hall used to be connected with the Agape Church in Los Angeles, preaching right along side of Michael Beckwith.  We are beyond blessed to have him in our community.  If you live near enough to get there on a Sunday, you will not be disappointed.

Below are a few paraphrases from today’s service and a few comments from me.  Unless otherwise noted, they were spoken by Rev. Charles Hall.

“You are the answer to somebody’s prayer.”

This one really hit home with me today.  I have a lot more on my plate these days because I was an answering to someone’s prayer.  There have been moments where I thought I took on too much, but that little reminder today, makes every morsel of it so worth it.

“Your life is heaven having it’s way right now.”

That alone is the only daily affirmation I ever need.

“You can be on the cusp of something.  Appreciate the cusp, not the something.  Appreciate this moment now.”

“All manifestations are effect.”  Ernest Holmes

Now ponder that for a moment.  Given that all manifestations are effect, take pause the next time you or I react to something.  We are just layering more of our stuff on top of what was our stuff to begin with.  It’s futile; it’s the old childhood game of sit and spin.

“Sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage that will change your life forever.”  that’s a paraphrase by Rev. Hall from the movie – We Bought a Zoo.

Someone is waiting for your courage, that some one is you and me.  Let’s take the leap next time we are called to do so.  You’ll know the moment has arrived, when that little niggly voice shows up that says you can’t, you better not, you’re not really capable, you shouldn’t, you couldn’t, not in a million years.  That’s why it will take “insane courage”.  You’ll have to be braver than the voices.  The voices are ancient history.  They’ve had their share of air time.  Insane courage is well beyond the confines of that old safe box.  Insane courage throws a deaf ear to the old paradigm.  Can we do it?  Hell yea, we can!  It is what we came here for, the great adventure.  Let’s go LIVE it!

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I’ve heard of Emmet Fox but have not read much of his material.  Someone posted a link to The Golden Key, which Emmet Fox authored, on Facebook and I thought it was intriguing.  You know how often we are told to stop doing that thing we are doing but what exactly do we do in its place — or maybe better stated, what do I do?  I seem to have a very active mind that likes to express itself in one way or another.  I’m always all over anything that guides me in the direction of a positive, uplifting expression.

For those of you who are turned off by his liberal use of the word “God”, consider substituting another word.  I think “Love” is a good substitution but you can use anything you like.  I also like how he ends it in the last paragraph.  In more than one modality, I’ve heard the advice to stay out of “ways and means”.  It’s not our job, the efficiency skills of the Universe are far broader and more resourceful than our own.  And meddling in ways and means, from a quantum physics standpoint, is said to actually limit the field of probabilities.

There is a section below that I highlighted in bold.  I’m putting it on a home made “well being” card.  I think it makes a beautiful affirmation.  It can also be used to make an affirmation for another by substituting the words, I or me, for “you”.  Example: There is no power but God: You are the child of God, filled and surrounded by the perfect peace of God: God is love; God is guiding you now.  God is with you.

Here is The Golden Key, in its entirety, by Emmet Fox:

Scientific prayer will enable you to get yourself or anyone else, out of any difficulty. It is the golden key to harmony and happiness.

To those who have no acquaintance with the mightiest power in existence, this may appear to be a rash claim, but it needs only a fair trial to prove that, without a shadow of doubt, it is a just one. You need take no one’s word for it, and you should not. Simply try it for yourself.

God is omnipotent, and we are God’s image and likeness and have dominion over all things. This is the inspired teaching, and it is intended to be taken literally, at its face value. The ability to draw on this power is not the special prerogative of the mystic or the saint, as is so often supposed, or even of the highly trained practitioner. Everyone has this ability Whoever you are, wherever you may be, the golden key to harmony is in your hand now. This is because in scientific prayer it is God who works, and not you, and so your particular limitations or weaknesses are of no account in the process. You are only the channel through which the divine action takes place, and your treatment will be just the getting of yourself out of the way.

Beginners often get startling results the first time, for all that is essential is to have an open mind and sufficient faith to try the experiment. Apart from that, you may hold any views on religion, or none.

As for the actual method of working, like all fundamental things, it is simplicity itself. All you have to do is this: Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead. This is the complete rule, and if only you will do this, the trouble, whatever it is, will disappear. It makes no difference what kind of trouble it is. It may be a big thing or a little thing: it may concern health, finance, a lawsuit, a quarrel, an accident, or anything else conceivable: but whatever it is, stop thinking about it and think of God instead — that is all you have to do.

It could not be simpler, could it? God could scarcely have made it simpler, and yet it never fails to work when given a fair trial.

Do not try to form a picture of God, which is impossible. Work by rehearsing anything or everything that you know about God. God is wisdom, truth, inconceivable love. God is present everywhere, has infinite power, knows everything, and so on. It matters not how well you may think you understand these things: go over them repeatedly.

But you must stop thinking of the trouble, whatever it is. The rule is, to think about God. If you are thinking about your difficulty, you are not thinking about God. To be continually glancing over your shoulder in order to see how matters are progressing is fatal, because it is thinking of the trouble, and you must think of God and nothing else. Your object is to drive the thought of the difficulty out of your consciousness, for a few moments at least, substituting for it the thought of God. This is the crux of the whole thing. If you can become so absorbed in this consideration of the spiritual world that you forget for a while about the difficulty, you will find that you are safely and comfortably out of your difficulty — that your demonstration is made.

In order to “golden key” a troublesome person or a difficult situation, think. “Now 1 am going to ‘golden key’ John, or Mary. or that threatened danger”: then proceed to drive all thought of John, or Mary, or the danger out of your mind, replacing it with the thought of God.

By working in this way about a person, you are not seeking to influence his conduct in any way, except that you prevent him from injuring or annoying you, and you do him nothing but good. Thereafter, he is certain to be in some degree a better, wiser, and more spiritual person, just because you have “golden keyed” him. A pending lawsuit or other difficulty would probably fade out harmlessly without coming to a crisis, justice being done to all parties concerned.

If you find that you can do this very quickly, you may repeat the operation several times a day with intervals between. Be sure, however, each time you have done it, that you drop all thought of the matter until the next time. This is important.

We have said that the golden key is simple, and so it is, but of course it is not always easy to turn. If you are very frightened or worried, at first it may be difficult to get your thoughts away from material things. But by constantly repeating a statement of absolute Truth, such as: There is no power but God: I am the child of God, filled and surrounded by the perfect peace of God: God is love; God is guiding me now; or, perhaps best and simplest of all. God is with me — however mechanical or trite it may seem — you will soon find that the treatment has begun to “take.” And that your mind is clearing. Do not struggle violently; be quiet, but insistent. Each time you find your attention wandering, switch it back to God.

Do not try to think in advance what the solution to your difficulty will be. This is called “outlining” and will only delay the demonstration. Leave the question of ways and means to God. You want to get out of your difficulty that is sufficient. You do your half, and God will never fail to do God’s.

“Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Acts 2:21).

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As I

move about

my day


allow me

to pause

let me


in every


I am

moved upon




God Force

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When we learn to trust the Universe, we shall be happy, prosperous and well.  We must learn to come under that Divine Government, and accept the fact that Nature’s table is ever filled.  Never was there a Cosmic famine.  “The finite alone has wrought and suffered, the Infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.”  God is always God.  No matter what our emotional storm, or what our objective situation, may be, there is always a something hidden in the inner being that has never been violated.  We may stumble, but always there is that Eternal Voice, forever whispering within our ear, that thing which causes the eternal quest, that thing which forever sings and sings.

excerpted from The Science of Mind~Ernest Holmes

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horseThere is an old Taoist parable.  It begins with a poor farmer in ancient China who worked a small plot of land with his teenage son. During this time horses were considered a sign of wealth; the richest person in the province owned no more than a few of them. One day a wild horse jumped the poor farmer’s fence and began grazing on his land. According to local law, this meant that the horse now rightfully belonged to him and his family. The son could hardly contain his joy, but the father put his hand on his son’s shoulder and said, “Who knows what’s good or bad?” The next day the horse made its escape back to the mountains and the boy was heartbroken. “Who knows what’s good or bad?” his father said again.  On the third day the horse returned with a dozen wild horses following.  “We’re rich!” the son cried, to which the father again replied, “Who knows what’s good or bad?” On the fourth day the boy climbed on one of the wild horses and was thrown, breaking his leg. His father ran to get the doctor; soon both of them were attending to the boy, who was upset and in a great deal of pain. The old farmer looked deeply into his son’s eyes, and said, “My son, who knows what is good or bad?” And on the fifth day the province went to war.  Army recruiters came through the town and took all the eligible young men to fight the war.  All except for the young man with the broken leg.

This is such a beautiful illustration of why it’s relevent to suspend judgment, conclusions and assumptions about anything.  Judgements and the like don’t reflect the bigger picture.  We don’t always know in the heat of any moment, what is good what is bad.  What is a blessing, what is a gift, what is a challenge in the moment that provides further expansion for us later.  We don’t always know, but we can remain open.  We can lay aside the impulse to make any seeming fact mean anything.  We can trust that the nature of all things is continually unfolding – and perhaps find a lot more ease in this open and receptive place.

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