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I had a mini melt down yesterday.  It was not one of my best days.  I went to bed early just to get relief from it all.  And in the middle of the night I awakened with a brilliant idea: why not hypnotize myself, plant suggestions in my mind for the morning?

The thing is, I am always under my own spell, my own self hypnosis of whatever talk is running in the background of my mind.  I’m having a melt down is self hypnosis, too, and all the attendant thoughts that run with that statement.  The good news and the bad news, depending on where you sit, is that it’s all self fulfilling.

Let’s talk about the good news.  I awoke in the middle of the night and remembered if I could run negative self hypnosis in my head, I could plant seeds of thought that would benefit me.  I recalled how night time is the perfect time to plant a seed in my mind, because sleep is a less resistant, more fertile ground to plant in.

So in that hazy half awake state, I began to reach for statements and as I said them silently I also slipped into the feeling state of each statement.   Such as: In the morning I will wake up and feel every cell of my body alive and vibrating in wholeness.  I will open my eyes and greet the day with a wide open eagerness.  I will move about my day and I will find God in every nook and cranny of life.

And honestly I don’t remember, word for word, what I said but what came out of me was as if I was channeling Source energy, every sentence seemed to glimmer and glow.  As the words tumbled out so did the feeling state of each one of them.  I went back to sleep knowing I would awaken in a completely different state than what I was in when I went to bed last night.  And I did.

The larger point I am making here is that it’s all self hypnosis, everything we tell ourselves day in, day out, the stuff that works in our favor and that which doesn’t.  We have only to listen to our background self-talk to know if we are under a spell we find desirable or not.

Me — I want to be under the spell of surprise and delight.  I want to be bowled over by how much is wonderful in this world.  I want to be crazy with amazement, giddy with wonder.  I want my laughter to fill a universe.  And then I want to sleep and create more spells I can be captivated by.  I want to use my creative energy to cast spells of goodness that befall me randomly and leave me … weak in the knees, humble, prayerful, thankful.

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One of my favorite posts here because it’s a true story of fear that was transformed with a Mother’s love and the Universe’s good grace in very real and tangible ways.  If I have a “manifestation” story to tell, when I’m older, this one would be it.  I’ve updated it a bit to bring it current with today.

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I thought it fitting since we are at the end of the month, to write about beginning at the end.  It goes like this: begin at the end and stay there.  This is something I learned from studying with The Field Center and the Neville Goddard material, as well.  What does it mean?  The end that you begin at is to embody the feeling, the sense that you already have whatever it is you were wanting.

Passing through a wrinkle in time, time now collapses in on itself, the veil is pulled back and your heart’s desire has already unfolded.  What does it feel like in your heart, your body to know that what you longed for is no longer at arm’s length but it’s here right now?  Note what it feels like because this is a feeling you can come back to again and again.

It sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?  I never really understood that it took a bit of commitment on my part to actually stay there.  That commitment flows out of falling in love with your heart’s desire so that it is no longer a desire, it’s a given.  You just know it and no fact that shows up in your now can sway you from this knowing.  It’s that kind of faithfulness and commitment that I am referring to.

The one who taught me about committing myself to “staying there” is my son.  Those who know me personally, know that I have a special needs son.  There were times in the past that his needs seemed to exceed what we could provide for him and for many reasons we thought he might have to live in an environment outside of our home where he could obtain the supports he needed.  More than anything, I didn’t want this to happen and I suffered a good bit over it for quite awhile.  I wanted a miracle to happen.

One day I felt inspired and made a decision.  I would fast forward to the ending that I wanted.  He stays here with us throughout his childhood and we have the supports that we need to provide for him.  I could see it in my mind’s eye, even though he is still a child today, here he was a young adult.  He had grown up and he’d stayed living with us in our home the whole time.  I could feel the feelings, the joy and contentment of raising him.  No more would I worry, will it happen?  It did happen — in my mind’s eye, my heart, my body it happened; I knew it was real and it was the truth.  I had peeled back the veil and saw and felt all that I needed to know.

Now my work is only to stay there.  By staying there, this means that nothing that happens day to day counts against my happy ending.  Why?  Because I don’t let it.  I don’t let myself come to any conclusions about anything that happens today.  I don’t take it seriously and I don’t allow it to have any importance.  That’s the commitment of staying there.  Only once since I experienced my happy ending have I given myself to a conclusion that counted against that happy ending.  On that day, I suffered and I suffered enough to renew my commitment again.

One miracle didn’t happen, many miracles happened over time: capable, highly specialized trained aides in our home, a cutting edge doctor working with my son, a specialty school, spiritual teachers showing up whose guidance has been pivotal, and many supports I was inspired to implement in the home.   Now today, I don’t question if my son will remain living with us, I know he will.

Ultimately children, and loved ones become our greatest teachers.  What we might not do for ourselves, we will do for them.  And what we do for love, we essentially do for ourselves, too.  It does not matter what path we take to get to alignment, only that we do get there.

Rumi, of course, said it best:

Close your eyes

Fall in love

Stay there.

There’s a host of happy endings inside each of us, awaiting our whole-hearted consent to join hands and “fall in love” with them.

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“There are all kinds of unlovely fruit. But you can detach yourself from your unlovely harvest by making an adjustment in your human
imagination. Ask yourself what you would like to harvest.” ~Neville Goddard

If you find that you are giving yourself to “unlovely fruit”, in your mind, imaginally, then the next step is:

what lovely fruit would you rather give yourself to?

Or stated in today’s language, (though I must say I love Neville’s way of speaking), what do you want?  It is said that practice begins with knowing what you want.  Harvesting unlovely fruit is knowing what you don’t want.  That’s ok though, because what you don’t want will point you to what you do want.

The canvas is all yours, you, me, we can paint unlovely fruit, we can paint anything we want.  So which is more desirable: paint the unlovely, yucky fruit or something beautiful and lovely to behold in our inner landscape?  I know it’s a complete no brainer when put that way.  So why do we sometimes attempt to harvest unlovely fruit?  The why doesn’t really matter.  It only matters that we do.  And sometimes just having a clear, simple direction for practice is all we need to lend ourselves to the fruit of our heart’s desires.

On our canvas, even the sky is not the limit, in other words, there are no limits.  So, do we paint paradise or a parking lot?  Sorry, Joni.  :)

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When you come before me, rejoice, because rejoicing implies that something
has happened which you desired. Come before me singing, giving praise, and
giving thanks, for these states of mind imply acceptance of the state sought.
Put yourself in the proper mood and your own consciousness will embody it.

If I could define prayer for anyone and put it just as clearly as I could, I would
simply say, “It is the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” If you ask, “What do you mean
by that?” I would say, “I would feel myself into the situation of the answered
prayer and then I would live and act upon that conviction.” I would try to sustain
it without effort, that is, I would live and act as though it were already a fact,
knowing that as I walk in this fixed attitude my assumption will harden into fact.

~Neville Goddard~

I love that – come before me singing, giving praise, and giving thanks.  This is the
essence of gratitude.  And what it lays witness to is the you that has embodied the desire.  No more lingering doubts now, it’s so much a part of you.  This is more than faith and greater than hope, it’s embodying the wish, the desire fulfilled.

Giving yourself to it as if it’s your one true love, fully and without reservation. So much so, that the dream fulfilled is no longer at arm’s length somewhere in the future.  Your internal landscape reflects the you that is living it now.  You feel it in
how you breathe and how you walk, there’s a lightness about you and an ease.
What is left now but to rise up singing and giving thanks!

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I had often felt the words: “the world is a mirror” sounded like another spiritual cliche and I would almost bristle at hearing it.  It’s one of those things I asked myself: what the hell does that mean?!

Now I have someone in my life that does appear to be a mirror of sorts.  Let’s call her Rea, short for reality.  I realized she is the outpicturing of me.  The me of two minds on a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

There is the me who believes in the happy ending.  I’ve even seen and felt that happy ending, in my mind’s eye.

Then there is the me who gives myself to the “reality” of what appears to be, in the moment, an undesirable unfolding.  Something that I take to count against my happy ending.  I put my spiritual stock in that other consciousness, the me who gives up her faith in lieu of what looks like the facts before her.

Now my friend Rea is often given to saying things like “let’s face reality here”.  Abraham says don’t face any reality you don’t want to create more of.  I’m sure Seth would chime in similarly and the Field Center states that facing reality is an invitation to counterintend which loosely means to run counter to what you would like to intend about a thing.

I am the one of two consciousnesses, of two minds and Rea is the stark image and reflection, the mirror of what this other mind gives its allegiance to.

Yet I have other examples in my life of people who reflect my consciousness that carries faith in the desired outcome.  But who do I pay more attention to but the one who pisses me off with her “let’s face reality” spewings.  I’m mad that she might be right yet I’m mad at my own reflection, my own outpicturing of one part of my consciousness.  Mad at my own ability to create such a good mirror of myself.

Why is it so easy to be seduced by a mindset I don’t want?  It’s a question I’m not even going to answer.  The why doesn’t matter and answering it won’t provide me with greater consistency.  The practice matters and the consistency of it matters most of all.  If I’m going to be inconsistent, of two minds, I’m going to see lots of people and circumstances outpicturing my inconsistencies.  I should thank them, they tell me exactly where I’m vibe-ing.  They invite me to be restored again to One Mind.  I accept the invitation willingly and gladly.

I am free to be seduced by outer conditions and I am free to remain faithful to that which is not yet seen in the “flesh”.  I’ve seen it in my mind’s eye, I’ve felt it, I’ve lived it there.  It lives, it breathes, it walks, it talks.  This is what I choose to be captivated and enamored with.

No one says it better than Rumi:

Close your eyes.

(see it in your mind’s eye)

Fall in love.

(let yourself fall in love with the ideal, let yourself be captivated by it)

Stay there.

(stay consistent)

And if I should see the outpicturing of inconsistency again, I won’t shoot the messenger.  I will thank them, truly, for the invitation to fall in love again with what I believe in.  Should I be held spellbound by anything, let it be by that which is my heart’s desire.  Let me lose myself inside that inner world where it already exists and let the outer world do what it does, I have my own world to attend to.

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It amazes me that Jane Roberts was taking dictation on The Way Toward Health even as she lay in a hospital bed with just a few more months to live.  Perhaps her illness served in some way for the greater expansion of all of us, as Seth offered much in response to Jane’s asking.

Below is a quote from The Way Toward Health and following that my comments.

April 19th, 1984 (The Way Toward Health)
4:03 PM Thursday

“There are certain simple steps that can be followed, whenever you
find yourself in a difficult situation, whether the condition is one of
poor health, a stressful personal involvement with another, a financial
dilemma, or whatever.

These steps seem very obvious, and perhaps too easy—but they will bring
an immediate sense of ease and peace of mind while your inner reserves
are being released and activated.

I have mentioned these steps many times, because they are so vital in
clearing the conscious mind, and bringing some sense of relief to the
frightened ego.

1. Immediately begin to live in the present as much as possible. Try to
become as aware as you can of present sense-data—all of it. Often, while
you are in pain for example, you concentrate upon that sensation alone,
ignoring the feelings of ease that may be felt by other portions of the
body and unaware of the conglomeration of sounds, sights and impressions
that are also in the immediate environment. This procedure will
immediately lessen the pressure of the problem itself, whatever it is,
and give you a sense of refreshment.

2. Refuse to worry. This fits automatically with step 1, of course. Tell
yourself you can worry all you want tomorrow, or on some other occasion,
but resolve not to worry in the present moment.

3. When your thoughts do touch upon your particular problem in that
present moment, imagine the best possible solution to the dilemma. Do not
wonder how or why or even when the ideal solution will come, but see it
in your mind’s eye as accomplished. Or if you are not particularly good
at visual imagery, then try to get the feeling of thanksgiving and joy
that you would feel if the problem was solved to your complete

Love that…someone once so eloquently stated: worry does not empty
tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.  And how often
do we find that present moment awareness and worry simply cannot
co-exist.  Worry by its nature is not present moment focused.

Number 3 of the steps reminds me so much of Neville’s teachings which
is to live in your imagination from the desired outcome as having already
manifested.  So that you are not thinking of it, you are living from it as if it
has already happened in your mind’s eye.

And speaking of solutions – that big desire of yours, do you ever get the sense,
just a little nudge or an inkling that you know the end of that story.  You don’t
know how it’s going to happen or when but you just have a sense, an inner
knowing that says it’s all going to work out.  If you do, then go there now,
live from the end, don’t let yourself get caught up in the worry or confusion
or the endless attempts at figuring out what to do.  Just go there to that
fulfilled state now.  And every time you fall back into doubt, remind yourself
of one thing: you already know the end of this story.  All the stuff in between,
is just stuff, you don’t have to give yourself away to it.  If you are going to give
yourself away to anything than give it to living in remembering you already
know it all works out in the end.

It’s not our work to know how or why or when, our only work is to remain
faithful to that fulfilled state.  Feel the body sense that goes along with that
fulfilled state of whatever it is you are desiring.  For me, it is a feeling of deep
contentment, bliss, if you will.  When a moment comes along and everything
feels like it’s not going in that direction, I go back to remembering that fulfilled
state and the corresponding body sense and I rest there.

We are choosing what we give ourselves to all the time with where we put our
focus.  This moment I choose bliss.

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You can change your world by rearranging your thoughts — having them travel
only in one direction, that is toward the fulfillment of your desire.

There is only one cause, and that is consciousness. Your consciousness is the
center from which your world mirrors and echoes the state you presently
occupy. Now, a state can be defined as all that you believe and consent to as
being true. So, if you want your world to change, you must determine what you
want to accept and consent to as true before you can change it. To arrive at a
certain definition of self, you must begin by uncritically observing your
automatic reaction to an event, for your reaction defines your state. And you can,
without getting out of your chair, rebuild your world by changing your level (or
state) of being. This is done by observing yourself uncritically as you react
to life. If you do not like the circumstances of your life, acknowledge its
cause. Be willing to admit that the circumstances are only objectifying what you
are conscious of, then change your consciousness and your world will change.
If you react to that which is being objectified, you bind yourself to a
certain, level of awareness, but if you refuse to react, the thread is broken. Stop
being conscious of something unlovely, for every unlovely thought causes you
to walk in psychological mud. Rather, identify yourself with beauty, with love
(the Your in you) and you will ascend the infinite level of your own being and
change the circumstances of your life.

Your state of awareness, like a magnet, attracts life. Steel, in its demagnetized
state is a whirling mass of electrons, but when the electrons are faced in one
direction, the steel is magnetized. You do not add to the steel to make it
magnetic or take anything away to demagnetize it. This same principle is
true for you. You can change your world by rearranging your thoughts and having
them travel only in one direction, and that is toward the fulfillment of your

Watch your reactions to life, for any change in the arrangement of your mind
which can be detected by self-observation, will cause a change in your outer
world. It is important to learn to be passive to that which is unlovely and
unacceptable to you. In that way, you are awakening the dynamic one within.
And when you find your inner being, you will discover that the qualities you
condemn in others are really in yourself. Then you will know the secret of
forgiveness, for as you forgive yourself, the others are forgiven.
All things (not just a few) are made manifest by the light, and everything
manifested is light. The moment you consent to a thought, it is made manifest.
It could not come into being unless you consented to its expression by being
aware of it. The universe moves with motiveless necessity as it has no motive
of its own. Rather, it moves under the necessity of manifesting the
arrangements of the minds of men. This teaching is to awaken you to your light,
and the awakening begins by self-observation.

Creative Use of Imagination
Neville Goddard

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The thing I like most about waking up in the middle of the night is choosing then to spend time consciously creating my next day.  Last night laying there, I thought about my day and how I would like to feel during the day.  I began to breathe consciously and then silently say: I breathe life into ease, for instance.  And then I’d stop and feel the body sense of what ease would feel like and stay there long enough to feel how good it feels.  And then I went on to silently repeat: I breathe life into contentment.  And again I’d pause and feel what contentment feels like in the body, I’d practice in my mind’s eye walking around wearing contentment.  One thing led to the next and it began a whole series of “I breathe life into….”  It was the most delicious experience.

Today, what I am experiencing is exactly what I breathed life into.  I think I’ll try this whenever I wake up during the night, it will give me something to look forward to.  Oh goodie, I’m awake, time to play with my new process :).  And before you know it, I’m back asleep and the me who wakes up is the one I befriended during the night.  Just another way I make my inner world a friendly place to be.  The world cannot help but reflect that back.

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Following up on my Two Minds post, I’m including below Neville’s words on the topic of two minds or allegiance to the inner/outer world.  This is an excerpt from Awakened Imagination.  Awakened Imagination is a very short read and a great overview on the teachings of Neville Goddard.

I noticed that Wayne Dyer recently thanked Neville Goddard on his PBS special, Excuses Be Gone, for his inspriation on a process he developed from Neville’s work.  I also wrote about my own processes that I adapted from Neville’s teachings under the posts: The Art of Revision, Playing It Forward and Creating Probable Realities.

If you were to read one book of Neville’s, Awakened Imagination would be my highest recommendation.

“Because life molds the outer world to reflect the inner arrangement of our minds, there is no way of bringing about the outer perfection we seek other than by the transformation of ourselves.  No help cometh from without; the hills to which we lift our eyes are those of an inner range.  It is thus to our own consciousness that we must turn as to the only reality, the only foundation on which all phenomena can be explained.  We can rely absolutely on the justice of this law to give us only that which is of the nature of ourselves.

To attempt to change the world before we change our concept of ourselves is to struggle against the nature of things.  There can be no outer change until there is first an inner change.  As within, so without.

If we would become as emotionally aroused over our ideals as we become over our dislikes, we would ascend to the plane of our ideals as easily as we now descend to the level of our dislikes.”

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hologramImage by DL Zeta

Yet you may open the door on any given day to a probable world from your
immediate standpoint, and never know the difference.

This happens all the time, and I mean all the time.

Seth -The Nature of the Psyche
Session 797, Page 203

This follows along nicely with my new mantra that anything can change
in an instant.  And I think I’ve actually stumbled upon a practice that has
led me to experience other probable realities immediately, just as Seth says:
it happens all the time.

I first wrote about it in The Art of Revision and then a follow up post on
Playing It Forward.  This is where I am utilizing Neville’s technique of
revising my day just before I go to sleep and then pre-paving it just before
I get out of bed.  My emphasis has not been on the events of the day them-
selves but on how I want to feel.

Now I’ve added a new practice and that is to stop in the instant that I feel
I’m in a ‘this sucks’ moment.  Stop, withdraw my attention from it and go
within.  I go within to my imagination and find the feeling place of how I
would prefer to feel.  I wait till I feel as if I have embodied that feeling.  At the
moment of embodiment a deep breath of satisfaction just seems to naturally
well up from donning the feeling.  A shift has occurred, another probable
world has been entered, where everything has changed in my inner world
in an instant.   And the truth that remains is I can no longer be held captive
by the events of the outer world.  The outer world can do what it does, I am
independent of any facts.  I do not face any reality unless it’s a reality I wish
to reproduce in my experience.

Well, not only have I stumbled upon a beautiful practice with the help of
Neville’s teachings – I’ve found true personal freedom and I’ve developed
a process that is so self-friendly, so loving, so true to one’s self.   I have
always loved Louise Hay’s mantra: only good lies before me.  However,
there were times I didn’t believe it.  I believe it now.

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