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This is Esther Hicks as Abraham in the original Secret movie (before they were edited out) with a little bit of Michael Beckwith towards the end — on the stream of well being that sustains us.  Just beautiful!

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I’ve always believed that Source/God/Universe is not neutral. My background as a former nurse really has provided proof positive of that for this ‘show me’ girl. The body is so lovingly aligned with balance or what is known as homeostasis. There is nothing neutral about that and so it seems to me that everything in nature is orchestrated to seek balance. What else causes that except a loving, benevolent Universe that has our back. Frankly I’m not sure how I reconcile that with the Law of Attraction which Abraham states is neutral. For one, the so called neutral LOA does not account for the existence of absolute divine grace. So it would seem that there are other factors that surpass neutral laws.

I was so excited to actually run across a quote from one of Seth’s deleted sessions stating that God is not neutral. I include it below. Note that Ruburt is the name and male gender that Seth assigned Jane Roberts. Love, Bethie

Seth: “To begin with, a few comments about some thoughts of Ruburt’s.

He is quite correct: the universe is not neutral.

In the terms in which you understand the word, there is a God.

Obviously I am not speaking of a personification of a Superperson.

For that matter, in the terms of your language, and intellectual
concepts, you will probably have to take it for granted that you
cannot understand the nature of such a God.

You will know God’s actions, however, through the manifestations of
the universe.

That God is not simply neutral energy, for example.

The universe is supportive.

There is a force, if you prefer, that actively loves each individual,
each consciousness, and actively works to help that consciousness
attain the fulfillment inherent in its nature.

Despite all misinterpretations, therefore, the universe is caring, and
so is nature.

The impetus toward creativity is a loving one, and the natural
processes in both body and mind as lovingly directed.

The body even lovingly seeks to follow its own nature, and is lovingly
directed to do so…

…I realize you are not living in an ideal world, but we are giving
that world ideas that can vastly increase peoples’ understanding.”

Deleted session, August 20, 1977

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This is about distraction or the lack thereof…

It was in the midst of an email conversation with my good friend
Belle that I felt inspired to start a 30 day program.

What it entails is basically every time I have a ‘negative’
thought, I acknowledge it with one word: “distraction” and
then I move on.   This includes all concerns and all judgments
of any kind, towards myself, any condition or anyone else.
All they are, are distractions from whom I choose to be.
It’s amazing how much BS I am refusing to make a dance
partner out of.  Yesterday morning when I first woke up and my
mind was like a searchlight out to lock onto what might be
wrong, I probably said “distraction” a dozen times before I
moved on.

I am very focused on one thing in particular, besides just
general overall peace of mind, I really want to try not making
things mean anything.  I want to suspend drawing conclusions,
making assumptions, building a story.

I had this wonderful opportunity while in conflict with a close
family member to actually practice this, to just state it was a distraction
and not engage in what any of it meant.  As a result, within minutes the
whole situation completely turned around into a really beautiful exchange
with one another.  But if I’d let myself be pulled into what it all could mean,
I would have responded so differently and that heartfelt exchange may
not have taken place.

On Christmas day, I will celebrate my present to myself, a free and
clear Bethie who isn’t lost in a story of her own making and suffering
because of it.  I’m out to end suffering in the place I first experience it.
One person at a time.

Love, Bethie

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prayer1141If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is “thank you,” that would suffice.
~Meister Eckhart

It is a simple prayer that does not plead, beg or demand but already assumes it
is given.  And assumes it even perhaps in the face of no factual evidence of it.

What sort of gratitude is that?  It is the kind that is anchored in unwavering faith.
It is unwavering because it is not moved by outer appearances.  Inwardly you
have already become the one who has received and from that your gratitude wells
up naturally.  This gratitude for what has been received and faith in what is not
yet apparent to the senses becomes a spiritual union in consciousness.

At some point, it must then show up as fact in your outer experience.  It is law,
as Abraham would say.

Love, Bethie

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Hot off the presses, lol, I just transcribed this from the latest Abe
tape.  What precedes this quote is Abe recounting the days when
Jerry was in show business.  He was to emcee an event where many
thousands would be attending including the Prime Minister of Canada.
Jerry told everyone that he was going to be photographed with the Prime
Minister.  He had it all planned out, hired a photographer in advance, etc.
It didn’t happen exactly as Jerry planned but he did get the photo with the
Prime Minister, the Universe orchestrated it differently and with greater ease
than Jerry had planned on.  All because Jerry told a story that he believed in,
there was no gap between his desire and his belief that it would happen.

“The Universe has 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 100 or a thousand
options lined up to accommodate you and what you want.  You just
have to get in the vortex.  You have to tell the story of what you want
until you do not have a vibrational difference between the story that
you are offering and the story of what’s in the vortex.  You’ve got to
find the vibrational essence of what you are looking for and when you
do, it must come to you, it cannot defy you, it cannot be denied you,
it must come, it is Law, you see.  {…}  We want you to get in the vortex
not because you have to get there for the stuff to manifest.  We want
you to get into the vortex because it feels so good in the vortex.  Knowing
feels so much better than not knowing.  Knowledge of what you desire is
delicious while doubting is contradiction of who you are.”

Abraham ~ Denver, CO 7/12/08 Track 5

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This is what Seth said to Jane Roberts about a situation she found worrisome:

“adopt a position of divine nonchalance”

What a fabulous term!  It’s interesting that Seth didn’t say adopt a position of
nonchalance but divine nonchalance.  I started to entertain the notion of what
divine nonchalance would look like.  Here is some of what I came up with:

I don’t make assumptions about a thing because I don’t know what’s good,
what’s bad.  My uncertainty creates an opening for the Universe to work through.

I don’t have all the answers but I can be an empty vessel through which the
Universe can flow all kinds of answers to me.

Source always has my back so I can relax and know that All is Well.

Everything always works out in the end so I’ll just rest at that end point right now.

So that’s just some of what I’ve come up with.  I’m just in love with that term:
divine nonchalance.

This divine nonchalance comes out of The Nature of Personal Reality.  If you have
ever found Seth a bit dense to get through, as I have, pick this edition up – I think
you will find it an easy read and well worth it.  It really delves in nicely to how our
beliefs shape our experience and how that can be altered.

Love, Bethie

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The nature of *all* things is continually unfolding.

Remember that, Bethie?

Ah, I had a moment where I forgot, but now I am getting into the flow of
remembering that.  I tried to sneak in a period at the end of that experience.
Ha! but I know too much now. And as I recall the eternally unfolding nature
of all things, I also am reminded that Absolute Grace threads both visibly
and invisibly throughout all of my days.  Oh yes, now I remember there is
*no* time off from Grace at work in my life.  And there is *nothing* I need
to do to orchestrate that.  How cool is that?  These are the gifts this
benevolent Universe offers up to me each day.  Grace is breathing me right
now, right this moment.  Grace is ceaselessly at work on my behalf and the
entire Universe’s.

Always.  All-ways.

I don’t have anything else to do today except to acknowledge all my gifts.
So many gifts!

Wow, when I look at it that way, I don’t even remember what
the heck that panty wad twisting was all about! :)

Love, Bethie

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