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I’ve been re-investigating the use of essential oils, this time a little more seriously in getting some education around the use of them. From everything I understand about them, the process of distillation to extract the oil essence, dates back to 700 AD. But before that they would soak the plant in a carrier oil, so its use as grass roots medicine dates back even further.

Master herbalist, David Crow informs us that the forest, plants and trees provide a natural immune system at their surface level via the leaves and needles. And while they provide a wide range of therapeutic medicinal effects, every single essential oil has anti-microbial properties. There’s even one clinical study revealing that Tea Tree Oil can kill the MRSA virus.

On many levels this just makes my heart sing. For those of us who feel at home among the plants, trees and forests, there’s an energetic exchange going on just in being there among them. We are intimately linked to these plants and trees, and always have been, this is part of our community! And like our own families, we nurture, we protect, and we respect.

Below I append a quote from David Crow:

“When peaceful cities are blessed with myriad sweet floral scents

When healthy forests are filled with balsamic coniferous perfumes

When farms are enveloped with the earthy aroma of healthy soil and robust crops

When homes are infused with temple essences that bring joy and tranquility,

We will understand why the ancients taught that plants were gifts from heaven.”


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