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Here’s the latest inspiring quote from mindfulness teacher, Jeff Foster.  This quote came from his Facebook page, which you can visit here, where he freely offers these gems regularly.

There is nothing wrong.

Sadness is not wrong. Fear is not wrong. Confusion is not wrong. Our pain is not wrong.

Resisting our pain is what makes it all seem so wrong. And yet here is a deeper truth, for those who are open:

Even our resistance of pain is not wrong! If that’s what’s happening in the moment, it cannot be wrong! It is a valid expression of life, vital and alive!

Beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, there is an unconditional love that even embraces our present-moment resistance. There is a Now that is vast and forgiving.

In the end, even ‘resistance’ is just another concept. Another judgement. Another way to make ourselves wrong.

“RESISTANCE BAD. ACCEPTANCE GOOD”. That’s what we learn.

But we never actually “resist” our pain (just as we never really “accept” it). We just never learned how to BE with it, that’s all. How to sit with it. Stay with it. Have a cup of tea with it. See it as a beloved friend, at home in the vastness.

Our ignorance is our innocence. Instead of ‘resistance’, let us speak of our innocence, our not knowing. Let us be gentler with ourselves. Considering what we have been through, we are doing so well.

Our pain is not wrong. It is an invitation. An ancient teaching. Universal. Free…

Inviting us to come closer…

Falling through imagined layers…

Into great mystery.

– Jeff Foster

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