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I was having days of really being lost in old stories.  I could hear the old voices, they have nothing new to say, but the more I struggled to get out of it, the more unbearably entangled I became. It wasn’t until I listened to this Tara Brach audio podcast, that I began to see shades of light again.

I have transcribed some of it below, but highly recommend listening to the whole thing in its entirety. Her voice, for one, is so soothing; she is the absolute voice of compassion, and loving kindness.

You’ll learn how even spiritual masters like Ram Dass could be completely lost at his time of greatest need, and what it took for him to find a way back to presence. This was humbling to hear, and helped me see how even spiritual masters are vulnerable, too.

She’ll also go into great detail on the how-to of coming back to alignment with our pure, essential nature. I love that about her. So many teachers can talk it, but then don’t have any real advice on how to live that. These podcasts are offered freely to help others; I really cannot say enough good things about Tara Brach’s work.

Click here for the complete audio podcast.

“Cultivate the skill of coming back right to this moment.  If you are very, very stirred up and you can say – ok, what is actually happening right now? It’s almost like you are nailing your attention to this moment.  It’s really, really close in and stay and stay and stay, you discover some freedom.  How come?”

My note – consider using this question she offers the next time you are overwhelmed with anything:

Ok, what is actually happening right now? It woke me right up out of the thoughts that were fueling fear and anxiety – it was 99.9% based on regret, past thinking (shoulda, woulda, coulda), and future thinking of worry and fear projections.

“The only way your emotions can keep going and stay fairly static is if you keep fueling them with thoughts.  If you truly step out of the story line and keep anchoring your attention to this squeeze, this tightness, to this feeling of pounding, to this emptiness, to the soreness, to the sadness, or whatever it is, if you keep staying with your senses, so that the stories aren’t feeding the emotions, they change.

We start sensing – is there something beyond this changing nature?  We start sensing as we stay and stay, the presence that’s here, that alert stillness, as all the weather systems are moving through, there’s a shift in identity.

This is is the power of mindfulness.  A mindfulness awareness notices what happens in the moment, and instead of continuing to fuel that cycle of feeling/thought, feeling/thought, feeling/thought, we relax into the presence that’s observing and touching and feeling.  And the who we are gets larger, we start belonging to the aliveness and the presence vs. the person, the narrative, that’s a victim of a feeling.

So this is touching the ground, touching the ground of what’s actually going on right here, very powerful gateway back into the garden.”

So this is one of the ways I “touch the ground”, I become more rooted, more deeply connected to everything and everyone, including all of you reading. I share what has inspired me, so that if you are at all suffering, perhaps how I began to lift myself out of it, might be a doorway for you, too.




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