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I am reading a channeled text by Paul Selig – special thanks to one of my readers who introduced his work to me.  Today I quote from “The Book of Knowing and Worth”.  I believe this is his latest work.

It’s actually not an easy task to quote this book out of context and have it make sense, but darned if I don’t try anyway!

“You design this, you know.  You are so used to this, to playing the game of limitation that you create from it.  It is the hat you wear that shields you from the sun that would awaken you.  ‘I know who I am in my limitation, in my poverty, in my fear, in my shame, in my unknowing.’ ”  (stick with me here!)

“Now we ask you this: What stands in the way of your worth?  What have you created that would keep you from God?  What have you attended to, believed, agreed upon, that would keep you from the love of your Creator?  What are those things that you have invested so much power in that they would keep you in hiding from the kingdom that is welcoming you?  You must look at these things and realize what they are: creations born in fear, that you use now to protect you from the possibility that you may be much more wonderful than you have ever imagined.”

And now to continue his line of questioning, I’ll take his last statement and turn it into an inquiry.  Before I do that though, be mindful that this question doesn’t become a tool to beat yourself up with.  This is about awakening to what we are serving and what we are agreeing to, because as long as we are blind to that, we will continue to unwittingly sign on the dotted line to more of that.

Here’s the inquiry:

What am I creating to protect myself from the possibility that I may be much more wonderful than I ever imagined?

Or, how about this:

What am I creating to protect myself from the possibility that Life can be much more wonderful than I ever imagined?

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t known who they were via the lens of limitation of some sort, at one time or another.  We’re completely in charge of buying into that illusory, limited self … but if we’re not that, then what and who are we?  He answers these questions in his book, but we don’t need the book, each of us knows our true value and worth, we might have just temporarily agreed to forget.

Shall we collectively agree to remember, and then go live and be that?  Shall we go lie down in that grass, where the questions have emptied themselves and the answers sing in the unending skies?



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