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Flowers of ice
hide the heavens
no more blue sky
a silver dust
buries all the fields
and sinks the green mountains
Once the sun
comes out on the one
even the cold
that pierces to the bone
is a joy.

~Muso Soseki~
Music of the Sky: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry

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This poem is a favorite of mine; I wrote it several years ago.  The first verse is the tag line you see whenever you visit Simply Blessed.  The “Beloved” I refer to here is God or Spirit, Universe, Divine Creator, Supreme Being, Source, All That Is.

image locale


I have fallen between the cracks
and landed in the spaces
where love never fails

Beloved, you are my captor
and I am bound by your love

I hear you whisper softly
don’t speak. words fail here, just listen

churning on the seas of your desire
I am the rising and the falling

the beginning and the ending
the fullness and the emptiness

journey to the furthest point of your yearning
I am the anguish and the exaltation

I am the grain of sand awakening the pearl

I am the morsel you are tasting
be it bitter or sweet

quench your deepest thirst here
where you think I’m not

I Am.


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You Raise Me


Today’s Blessing: “you raise me up so I can stand on mountains”*, oh yes, you do.

You raise me up so that I may know that I am always enough. You raise me up so that I may know there is always enough. You raise me up so that I may know you are my one and only supply.

You raise me up so that I may never walk alone, and know that I am always cared for unconditionally. You raise me up so that I may remember all of this!

You raise me up so that I might be a vessel of your love. You raise me up so that I may be a beacon of your light. You raise me up so I can inspire through the gifts you have given me.

You raise me up to all that I Am. Oh God, you raise me up!


*from the song “You Raise Me Up”


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I am reading a channeled text by Paul Selig – special thanks to one of my readers who introduced his work to me.  Today I quote from “The Book of Knowing and Worth”.  I believe this is his latest work.

It’s actually not an easy task to quote this book out of context and have it make sense, but darned if I don’t try anyway!

“You design this, you know.  You are so used to this, to playing the game of limitation that you create from it.  It is the hat you wear that shields you from the sun that would awaken you.  ‘I know who I am in my limitation, in my poverty, in my fear, in my shame, in my unknowing.’ ”  (stick with me here!)

“Now we ask you this: What stands in the way of your worth?  What have you created that would keep you from God?  What have you attended to, believed, agreed upon, that would keep you from the love of your Creator?  What are those things that you have invested so much power in that they would keep you in hiding from the kingdom that is welcoming you?  You must look at these things and realize what they are: creations born in fear, that you use now to protect you from the possibility that you may be much more wonderful than you have ever imagined.”

And now to continue his line of questioning, I’ll take his last statement and turn it into an inquiry.  Before I do that though, be mindful that this question doesn’t become a tool to beat yourself up with.  This is about awakening to what we are serving and what we are agreeing to, because as long as we are blind to that, we will continue to unwittingly sign on the dotted line to more of that.

Here’s the inquiry:

What am I creating to protect myself from the possibility that I may be much more wonderful than I ever imagined?

Or, how about this:

What am I creating to protect myself from the possibility that Life can be much more wonderful than I ever imagined?

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t known who they were via the lens of limitation of some sort, at one time or another.  We’re completely in charge of buying into that illusory, limited self … but if we’re not that, then what and who are we?  He answers these questions in his book, but we don’t need the book, each of us knows our true value and worth, we might have just temporarily agreed to forget.

Shall we collectively agree to remember, and then go live and be that?  Shall we go lie down in that grass, where the questions have emptied themselves and the answers sing in the unending skies?



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Image Locale



Today’s Blessing: today my practice is to surrender, no, not just surrender — *swoon* at the perfection that is back of all things. All belief in illusions fall away here.

The ripe fragrance of perfection wafts through the air, she leads you to that pure and eternal essence in the heart of Mother Earth. She bids you to lie here on her sacred ground, breathe deep, feel her roots, feel that deep support that never wavers or gives way.

She does not keep time or score, and she does not judge that I have. She transcends the root of all pain.

Today I stop wishing for something else to be different, I surrender and join her.

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Blessings Day 328: stepped outside on my porch to soak in the sun, and I sat there and breathed. Breathing in this sacred day. Breathing in my guides, ancestors, Divine Creator to join, guide and support me with their wisdom throughout the day.

Breathing in kindness, breathing out judgment, breathing in openness and willingness (two of my favorites). Breathing in trust that I am guided at every turn. I just forget sometimes. Breathing to the bright sky, she’s a beauty and her trees stand taller reaching toward her light.

And soon I’ll belong to the night and I’ll stop and breathe for the moon, she takes me as I am.  And as the night moon dreams, I am changed, molded seamlessly, effortlessly and surprisingly back to the still surface of a lake. Any turmoil of the day before is gone, as it eventually always is. Thoughts, feelings of the moment, those enjoyed, those not, they come and they go.  They leave quietly and without warning, when a sliver of no judgment enters through a crack in the door, and we are awash and renewed again in its benevolent grace.

There are constants in life we can count on, and one of those constants is that nothing is static.

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flower child

Blessings Day 324: blessing the day, the quiet flow, all the stories that have led me here, those that are keepers, those that are not. Yet also knowing there’s this eternal child in me (perhaps s/he’s in you, too).

she’s innocent, 

she’s silly,

she scatters seeds of wonder,

she has deep pockets filled with possibilities

but no conclusions, 

she’s endlessly curious.

She listens to my stories,

but she is not of them.

No, she belongs

to that other place

where the pale moon

holds court with shimmering stars,

and the tree branches

tremble with anticipation,

spilling their joy

into luminous rivers of light.

This is the place she calls Home.

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We Are All Leaving



Blessings Day 322: a simple line in a movie left me pondering this life we live: “We’re all leaving.” Yes, we are from the moment we are born, we are all leaving, we are all dying.  Morbid I know, but stick with me here.

As I get older life becomes ever more precious, I don’t take it for granted certainly the way I did when I was younger and seemingly immortal.

The line in the movie reminded me that – yes, from the moment we are born, all of God’s creatures are leaving. Each day, every breath simultaneously living and silently edging closer to dying.

I’m not afraid to die, I am afraid to live one day without noticing, enjoying, appreciating, thanking, blessing, and cherishing the preciousness of life, and myself in it.

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