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Suffering Speaks


It seems that there’s not a one among us who hasn’t suffered to one degree or another.  I’ve even seen babies and toddlers wail away in suffering, and then be done with it.  It seems that animals may be similar, not languishing in their suffering, but wholly with it just the same.

It is easy for me to see the way out of suffering when I stand on the outskirts of it. It’s a lot harder for me to be immersed in it and somehow stand on the periphery simultaneously, but I’ve been asking to experience this even amidst suffering.

Is there a hierarchy of emotions, some are desirable, some are not?  Could the true extent of my suffering simply exist through my refusal to be with whatever emerges in consciousness?  Was this an area to which my own loving-kindness was excluded? And finally, was there something to be learned from suffering?

It was to these questions I came when three of my girlfriends began an email exchange yesterday.  One of those friends has suggested that I share my part on the blog:

I have found that suffering is only a bad thing when I judge it to be a bad thing. Otherwise suffering is just (yes, really just) another way of life’s longing to know itself in form.  Who am I to declare that joy is better than suffering, that decaying leaves that will nourish this earth are better than budding pink cherry blossoms? Why is any expression better or lesser than another?  It’s not, until I judge it so.

So here I am …

low to the ground
my heart pressed close to it
listening for the sounds
among decaying leaves
and finding life amidst all of it
suffering as I judge it,
and just being with, as I don’t.

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