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Being an animal lover has so many privileges.  Abby, who you see above, doesn’t just come when I call her, she bounds towards me with all the unfettered zest she can muster in that little Corgi body.

It reminds me how much life is meant to be lived like that, but sometimes we as mature adults have an invisible leash we are tethered to.  Some call it rules, but it can come in many forms – fears, judgments, ideas about the way we are supposed to be.  It’s any thing that holds us back from our original unbridled enthusiasm, which we came in with.

Let’s make a deal, you and me, this holiday season we let go of anything that is holding us back.  Let’s unleash that which waits inside us: the wonder, the awe, the innocence, the eagerness.  She or he waits for you, and does not need the perfect moment to be freed.  There is no perfect moment, there is only … right now.

While they pass the bread and butter around the table this Thanksgiving, pass the robust salt of vitality, the ground pepper of courage, hands outstretched now to grasp the generous bowl of enthusiasm, the moist stuffing of contentment, the warmed casserole of encouragement, now pour over it the glad gravy of ease.

Then rest, be lazy, for there is much life still to be lived on the ‘morrow.

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