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I’ve come up with this week’s inquiry.  These are always so much fun to experiment with and share with all of you.

~ How do I feel when I drop out of my head and into my heart? ~

What I love about this question is that you can’t think your way through it, it’s wholly experiential. 

There’s certainly a time and a place for thinking and analyzing.  When it becomes more of the hamster wheel of over-thinking, over-analyzing, especially when it’s fear and/or judgment based, this is the time to use this question.

Even asking the question once can bring about an internal state change, because once again the war with life has ceased.  In its place is an ever expanding awareness of the vibrancy of ourselves and life that is always present and available to tap into.

It’s that shift that invites us to leave behind the occasional notion that life’s a scary place, into the supportive space of life is kind, comfortable, easy, relaxed, expansive and friendly. 

As I move towards my heart centered spirit, it moves towards me.  As one harmonic, vibrating spirit I can move through this world with the comfort and ease that’s always been available to me.



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