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Gimme Ten


I decided to incorporate affirmations during my exercise.  I do Pilates, but it doesn’t matter what you do.  If you are laying down, standing up, or walking, affirmations can be incorporated at any time.

We are all aware of the old exercise mantra: no pain, no gain.  That’s a negative affirmation.  Truth is, we are stating affirmations every day, so it’s beneficial to consciously direct the flow of those affirmations and be selectively discerning with our self-talk.

This could be a whole new wave of all exercise, incorporating mantras or affirmations.  Affirming and fully integrating the mind, body and spirit all at once.  It puts a whole other spin on “gimme 10”.  Instead of 10 pushups, how about 10 affirmations?!

Here’s an example of some of my affirmations, feel free to use them and/or make up your own:

I feel myself fully supported and grounded in the earth. (breathe and really feel the connection here as if there’s a golden cord that runs from the earth and up through your feet, all the way up through your spine and out the top of your head.)

My physical, mental, and energetic bodies are fluid and flexible.

I sink deeper into my stretches with every breath, and consciously acknowledge my connection to Spirit flowing through every cell of my being.

I allow the highest source of goodness to flow through me now.

I am present in this moment, allowing the comfort of a strong body to be my most natural state.

My body guides me to just the right movements.   I nourish and trust in my body.

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